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What is Staff Leasing?

ARCH Offices establishes a co-employment relationship to help you provide cost-effective employee benefits, manage a payroll system, and recruit from the best talent pool. Focus on growing your business without these administrative burdens. Outsource employee leasing where the HR-related services are more in-depth.

Grow in an increasingly global marketplace with your own team of professionals and specialists in specific fields recruited by ARCH. We offer staff leasing services with the benefits of reduced administrative costs, quality employee benefits, and expert human resource management.

What can I get from a Staff Leasing Plan?

Having a staff leasing plan for your business will give you the following:

A Competitive Advantage
Leverage can change your life and your business. By partnering with us, you gain the leverage you need. We give you the necessary edge to stay focused on growth and business development, reduce overhead and operating expenditures, create more flexible business operations, and allow us to provide high-level support for your business needs.

Reduced Operating Costs
We can provide you with a highly specialized staff that is well suited to your outsourcing needs. That way, you can save up on hiring cost. You can also achieve flexibility and growth demands in a low-cost environment. Saving on direct and indirect staff costs such as payroll, HR, engagement, facilities, and benefits.

Extensive HR and IT Support
Once you avail of our staff leasing service, we start handling essential HR functions that are needed by your business since it can be costly to manage or have your own HR department. We also offer HR solutions to make your administrative and staff management easier and more convenient. Our IT support team will also be available to help your team out. Through staff leasing, businesses are given an excellent solution to expand early on in their life cycle.

Efficient Work Division
Staff leasing helps make the division of labor much more efficient. Your talented team will take on non-core tasks such as data entry or customer service, while you can concentrate all your efforts on core business tasks, thus allowing you to scale up in just a short span of time.

Access to Top Filipino Talent
One of the most noteworthy benefits of our staff leasing service is that we can help you assemble a team of experts who best fit your business requirements. For a starting business, it is vital that you choose an outsourcing partner that can help you accommodate the growing needs of your business. The Philippines has been consistently ranked as one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world due to low labor cost and a talent pool of young educated, customer-oriented, and English-speaking workers.

We are your virtual IT and HR arm—managing office operations and ensuring quality standards. Direct and communicate with your offshore staff through email, phone, or a project management software. Tell us what your staffing requirements are, and we will assemble a dedicated and talent-driven staff, and like we have promised, scale your organization quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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