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Interested in our office spaces?

Purposefully designed co-working spaces in the heart of Makati CBD.

What are Shares Spaces?

A Flexible Place to Work
And Connect.

Shared Spaces are designed for professionals in need of flexible access to a workspace. This is a cost-efficient service ideal for individuals and freelancers, small teams, and remote and part-time employees. The core advantage of a well-set-up co-working space lies in the work environment and facilities that enable you to be productive.

Office space amenities to support your work

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Other perks
  • 01_Coffee & Alkaline Water Coffee & Alkaline Water
  • 03_Pantry Access Pantry Access
  • 02_Interview Booths Interview Pods
  • Sanitizing Stations

What You Get

Office space amenities

Access Card
Access the open area to get as much work done as you need through your personal dynamic keycard.


Access to Work Zones and Common Areas
Work comfortably or take a break in our uniquely-designed work zones and common areas.


Super-Fast Internet Connection
Work with ease and access the sites you need for your tasks in our internet-enabled co-working spaces with dual CAT 6 LAN connection or secure Wi-Fi. VOIP is also available for local and international calls.


Access to Fully-Equipped Conference Room
Need a meeting space for a quick collaboration? Our meeting rooms are equipped with a TV monitor, LAN cables, WiFi to run your meetings efficiently.


Concierge & IT Support
Get support from our onsite Concierge and IT teams who will help you with everything you need during your stay in our workspace.


Inclusive Utilities
Air-conditioning (during business hours), A/C capable of 24/7, power and water supply. The building offers 100% Backup Power.


Shared Spaces Benefits

Flexibility & Cost savings

Affordable and flexible plans.

Save on costs with our flexible coworking plans. You can also choose the way you work, beyond the coworking space, privacy and heads-down productivity is possible, too, with bookable meeting rooms and sleek private offices.

Boost in Productivity & Creativity

A well-designed office that helps improve work mood.

Coworking spaces allow you to work in a professional zone and can help boost productivity. Switching spaces and heading to a new office can allow you to refresh your mind and work better.

Connect & Collaborate

Surround yourself with a network of professionals.

A shared space is a great way to socialise and interact with fellow members which allow for future collaborations. It also provides insight and exposure to other kinds of work that can help your business.


Choose the way you work.
Rent a seat for a day.

Price starts at Php 850 per day + VAT

Our cost-effective Shared Spaces plans are perfect for those who need flexible access to workspaces. Enjoy our office amenities and experience working alongside different people to interact and create better collaboration opportunities.

Situated at premier locations in Makati CBD, maximize the benefits of our cost-efficient Co-working Spaces.


Are shared spaces the same as co-working spaces? Who can use co-working spaces?

Shared spaces are essentially co-working spaces. If you’re looking for a value-for-money alternative to working from home and cafes, our Co-working Spaces can help you bolster your productivity.

ARCH Offices is home to business people of all guises, from startup and small business owners to freelancers, non-profit organizations, and large business owners.

To find out why business people choose ARCH Offices and what they love the most about us, visit our Testimonials page.

Do you have long-term and short-term Co-working plans?

Yes, whether it’s daily, monthly, or yearly, ARCH Offices has open area plans to cater to your workspace needs.

How or where can I book a Co-working Space?
For inquiries and bookings, kindly send us a message through our website or email us at concierge@archoffices.com. We also accommodate walk-ins. Simply visit one of our ARCH Offices sites and our dedicated staff will be more than happy to assist you.
Do I also get access to meeting rooms and the pantry when I book for a Co-working Space?

Yes, all our ARCH members have access to our meeting rooms, lounge areas, interview pods, telephone booths, and break-out areas to provide a complete workspace experience.

The meeting rooms are reserved via Concierge onsite on a first-come, first-served basis.

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