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What Will the Future of Workspaces Look Like in 2021?

what will the future of workspaces look like in 2021

We have experienced a big change in the work setup since the pandemic started, but this year, these changes will become more solidified. We are seeing a big transformation in the workplace this 2021. The future office space will shift away from a place where people simply go to work daily into a place where people want to meet, socialize, and work with each other. It will shift from a “workplace” for individual work to a “convening” place for group work.

In this article, we will talk about the changes in the work setup and how workplaces will look like this 2021.

Giving a New Role to the Physical Workspace

On a survey by Gensler towards the knowledge workers across 10 different business industries, employees reported an increase in creativity and the willingness to complete individual work. Yes, working from home makes people more productive, but it doesn’t mean everyone prefers this kind of setup. Only 12% of the U.S. workforce want full-time remote work. They still want to go back to the office once the pandemic is over, but what will you do to the workspace today? 

Instead of letting the office space stand and become a blank area, why not give it a new role like a meeting place where you and your employees can gather for important business activities once or twice a week? By redesigning it into a safer and more engaging place, you are giving a whole fresh experience to your people and still manage to get work done together.

Another idea would be preparing it as a safe place for employees who need a back-up plan in case they cannot work at home. Less than 30% of the workforce can work remotely according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Believe it or not, for job positions that allow a remote work setup, many factors may arise blocking the opportunity for an employee to work from home. It includes the following instances:

1. When the noise and other distractions at home are uncontrollable. It is quite difficult to stay focused on work when children are running around, playing, laughing, and crying. Not to mention the pets like dogs barking and begging for attention. It may not be too obvious, but these may affect the output and day-to-day productivity. It would be ideal to have an available office space for your people who want to focus and spend some time off home.

2. One more factor is the issue with the internet connection. During the work from home setup, no one can guarantee that there will be no problems regarding this as even technology can sometimes be unreliable, especially in areas with unstable signal and connection. One of the first back-up plans an employee would have in moments like this is to go to the office to finish the work, which is why you need to prepare.

3. Some workers do not have a proper place to work. An example of this is an employee staying in a dorm. Not everyone in the working class is from the city. Some are from the provinces settling in a shared space in the Metro to save costs. These are the people who are greatly in need of your support to continue working. Make the office a safe workplace for them during the pandemic.

Change is Inevitable for the Office of the Future

Transforming the office space into something that can be more useful during the pandemic is inevitable. Since 88% of companies encouraged their employees to work from home in response to the current situation, it provides time for businesses to level up their space. 

Here are some of the reasons why switching the workplace into a meeting space and why providing an available area for your employee is important during the pandemic:

1. Transformed Office Space Can Help Support the Priorities of the Business

According to Osgerby, the office of the future is more of a place for collaboration. When communicating, most especially about the topics that are quite vital for the business, things are easier when we are talking face-to-face without the layers of technology causing communication barriers.

The pandemic is making businesses entirely transform the workplace to comply with the protocols in the new normal. Design it specifically to support the type of interactions that cannot happen remotely. Make it a space for collaboration. This is necessary to maintain a high productivity rate and preserve the corporate culture. 

2. It Allows Employees to Maintain a Good Work Relationship

Take note that your people must maintain a good work relationship even when they do not often see each other. It helps reduce the awkwardness during an online conference and get to the discussion effectively. This creates a healthy work environment that your staff would love about your company, giving them more reasons to love their job, which may also result in better output. 

With transformed office space, your staff will have something more to look forward to when going to the workplace for meetings and other important business activities in addition to the social moments with colleagues.

3. Some Employees Do Not Have the Access to Work Remotely

As mentioned above, some workers don’t have the opportunity to work from home. And one of the best things to do with instances like this is to support them in any way you can, such as making the office space a safe place for them to go now and then for work purposes. 

In this case, it’s a win-win scenario as you helped them work properly to get the task done for you. This is important because if you let them find another place to stay, they would probably go somewhere public and would connect their devices on public WIFIs which may affect the security of your data. Moreover, their health and wellness are what’s on the line. And you don’t want that to happen as losing even a single worker for a few days to do quarantine may cause your business a fortune, especially if the role of the person is vital to the company.

4. The Costs Will Still Apply

Whether you are using the office space or not, the costs will still run, especially if you are only renting. Better yet continue maximizing the use of the space by transforming it into something more useful for your business amidst the pandemic. 

How to Transform Your Office Space into a Meeting Hub

Your office speaks a lot about your business. Every detail is crucial as it may impact your people and the entire organization. Good thing, switching your workplace into a meeting spot is easier now than ever with the help of businesses like Arch Serviced Offices that offer different services. 

Achieve a transformed office space this 2021 specifically designed to optimize your business needs amidst pandemic through our professional custom office buildout service. With the help of our advanced technology and design experts who never run out of fresh ideas, we will redesign your office quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, we have work and meeting spaces available for teams and individuals may it be short-term or long-term use. We have different plans and pricing to choose from as we want to provide people and businesses an affordable workplace while enjoying modern office amenities with professional support.

Despite the global impact of the pandemic, changing how we work, we learned to adapt to the new normal and enabled us to find unique ways to continue doing business like transforming the workplace. To know more about our services, send an inquiry today and we will gladly help with the most ideal workspace solution for you.

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