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What Can A Virtual Office Space Provide You?

What Can A Virtual Office Space Provide You?


In today’s new normal where there is a need to restrict traveling and engaging in public, many corporations and individuals choose to work from home. The work-for-home model works great for start-ups, entrepreneurs, professionals, and big enterprises since they find it as the most convenient solution especially in today’s circumstances. Ideally, they would like to work from a business address in a prime location. A good office address helps to create the right impression on clients and employees, resulting in goodwill and business. To avoid such scenarios, virtual office space is the best option for you to establish your presence and grow your business.

What Is A Virtual Office Space?

Virtual offices are one of the latest solutions to flexible workspaces in the industry. This has helped people effectively manage their business remotely without investing huge capital in office buildings. Starting from freelancers to bigger business enterprises, entrepreneurs are now open to this new concept of office space. Virtual Office spaces are the most flexible solution and provide the most benefits when it comes to working remotely.

Virtual offices are primarily offered by companies that provide you the option of using their office as your official mailing address along with other business facilities. You can use it when you require it on a pay-per-use basis. This system saves you the hassles of having to physically lease an office, interior design, and managing daily costs which all accumulate in the long term. A virtual office physically helps you better coordinate and communicate with your clients, employees, service providers, etc. remotely, without being physically present. Virtual offices help people work from home simply and comfortably. The team managing the virtual office also handles all business inquiries on your behalf. They forward any inquiries to the designated individuals as per your instructions. This helps you manage your business more efficiently and economically.

Virtual office spaces are going to be a significant part of the economy in years to come, due to the flexibility and range of services they offer while being highly affordable and easy to work with. Once your business starts growing you can even scale up the services offered by the virtual office without worrying about high costs and time as compared to a physical office.

How Does A Virtual Office Space Work?

1. Official Business Address

A business address is an essential part of any business as they need to register themselves and identify with the address when dealing with clients. This adds to professionalism and product image.

2. Meeting/Conference Rooms

Meetings with clients can be hassle-free as you have a separate space for meetings and business deals. It provides great first impressions to both clients and new hires that your business is thriving. This also maintains privacy and a level of sophistication as you keep up with all of your daily agendas.

3. Remote Receptionist

It is not possible to run a business single-handedly even if it’s just starting out. A receptionist is a must as they can keep tabs on your meetings, clientele, documentation, etc. They can also create a sense of connectivity making the virtual experience a lot more personal.

4. Phone and Voice Mails

Even if you have a small business, you should have an official land phone number which gives you professionality for both clients and customers. As the virtual office provides you with this perk, it also handles your incoming calls. They can keep a check on the call logs and provide you with the important details of calls you missed.

5. Mail Processing & Forwarding

Your package deliveries will go out from this address and courier services will operate through this address. Virtual offices provide envelope opening and scanning email services too. This means they can differentiate spam mails and important mails for you while making it easy for you to deal with the entire process. They can also scan and fax your urgent mails and other assistance can also be provided if you opt for them.

6. Management Software

One of the best things about working in a virtual office is that everything is located in the same database, using extremely efficient software that can help you manage schedules, deadlines, meetings, and appointments. The office space that you choose can present a number of solutions for this. After all, the space in which you and your employees work can determine how much and how well it is produced. Deciding to go virtual can save time and money, as well as make your data processing easier to handle.

Disadvantages of a Virtual Space for Your Business

1. Not Suitable for Centralized Teams

One of the disadvantages of a virtual office is that some employees prefer the social interaction of working in physical spaces — especially young people. So if you’re looking for a centralized workplace for daily teamwork and collaboration, it may not be the right solution.

2. Not All Virtual Offices are Created Equal

Choose the right virtual office provider for your needs, otherwise, services may be limited. Some virtual offices operate out of independently owned centers, while others are part of larger brands with standardized services. You’ll need to shop around and compare suppliers to ensure you get the product that suits your needs now, and in the future.

Why Virtual Spaces Are A Great Solution

For professionals and companies who are considering scaling up their existing business, joining a virtual office makes for a great solution. With the unique range of services and benefits these spaces offer, you can work smarter while being cost-effective.

Such flexibility in virtual offices can be hired and used by all organizations no matter how many employees or clients they have, be it 2 or 2,000. As a new normal fall in every country, it would make great sense for everyone to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of having a physical office and a virtual office before deciding the one best suited for you and your business.

If you’re looking for a Virtual Office in a great location, ARCH Offices are located at the Makati CBD. Our Virtual Office service includes a business address, monthly use of our uniquely designed facilities such as 1-hour access to our Meeting Room, and 1-day access to our Coworking Space. Contact us to learn more about our Virtual Office services and other workspace solutions we offer. 

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