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Who Uses Serviced Offices?

Who Uses Serviced Offices

Are startups the only organization who use and benefit from serviced offices? Find out in this article.

A huge expense is usually associated with renting an office. First of all, renting a traditional office space can cost you a good amount of money by not having the option of paying on a monthly basis and then having you tied into a fixed number of years. Secondly, additional costs lie in the purchase all of the necessary communications systems, furnishing, interior decorations and more.

The benefit of saving cost alone lures many business owners to rent serviced offices. Add other benefits such as move in ready, professional image, flexibility, and business support, and you’ve got yourself the perfect digs for your business.

Here are 4 types of organizations who use serviced offices:


1. New Business Start-Ups

Startups elect to rent serviced offices because they see that a long-term lease commitment as a great risk since they’re not yet established. They also want to attract and impress their clients, and they can achieve that through serviced offices.

2. Companies or Individuals with Special Projects

Companies or individuals with special projects who need the space, facilities and business support of an office rent serviced offices because they’re more efficient when they have access to business level infrastructure.

3. Individuals Who Look for an Office Close to Home

Connections at a home office can be slow, or the phone line isn’t great, or the place needs some cleaning, these are the things that individuals would rather not deal with when they’re working. With a serviced office, they get super-fast business standard internet connections, cleaning services, dedicated phone lines and sometimes even a receptionist.

4. International Companies on the Expansion

Serviced offices have a reputation for being all about freelancers and the smallest of businesses, but recently international companies who look to expand are finding them to be a viable and desirable office space. Not only do serviced offices provide them the flexibility to upsize or downsize to fit their latest business requirements, but since serviced offices are built on the principle of coworking and networking in the workplace, it gives them opportunities to meet new people or clients as well.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking serviced offices are only for small businesses. As a matter of fact, all types of businesses use serviced offices since they offer solutions that cater to their exact business needs. The numerous benefits serviced offices provide to businesses make them a far more than worthy investment.

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