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6 Tips When You Need a Place to Collaborate

6 Tips When You Need a Place to Collaborate


It sounds really awesome working with other businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs to grow your business simultaneously. Collaboration is a good deal! In the modern business world, collaboration is the buzzword. From CEOs to interns, a lack of collaboration will lead to project failure. A business has to be involved, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. Nowadays, all leaders are committed to creating a culture of collaboration to reap the full benefits.  

While some companies decide to operate as a remote organization, there’s something to be said for having a central location where your employees and other external people can gather and work together. Finding the right space for your business is imperative, and many entrepreneurs find coworking spaces to be an affordable, flexible option that suits their team’s needs.

Coworking spaces are growing in popularity, so there are many to choose from, but you don’t want to settle for the first one you find. Here are some tips when you need a place to collaborate and consider when evaluating potential coworking spaces for your business.

1. Communicate expectations for collaboration 

It’s easy to be a cheerleader for collaboration, but without clear direction, it can be challenging for employees to understand what to do. Instead of generic statements about working more closely together, aim to provide clear expectations to everyone. The guidelines should align well with the company’s values and describe specific behaviors and best practices.

2. Look for Amenities

Apart from a few basics like WiFi, tea/coffee provisions, and restroom facilities, different kinds of work require different special services and equipment for daily operations. A business with frequent client meetings and presentations will require easy access to the conference room, projector, and white screen. Some people may require scanners and copiers every other day. In case your work has any special requirements, make sure it is met by the coworking space you finalize.

Ask yourself and your employees what amenities you’re looking for in your coworking space and figure out what and what not you are willing to compromise. For instance, perhaps you don’t necessarily need an office gym, but dedicated desks with locking cabinets and strong wifi is a must. Make a list of both your wants and your needs, and find a company that best matches them.

3. Check the existing clientele

They say a person’s friends tell you a lot about them as an individual; the same goes for coworking spaces and their tenants. Before signing a contract, look at the other tenants in the location, so you know who you’ll be surrounded by and what type of environment you’ll be working in.

If you are a freelancer flying solo, you can fit into any type of place to collaborate. It is just you and your laptop screen and, of course, your client as well on the other side demanding you to revise your work all over again. But as a start-up, you have a team, a company whose secrets rely on you. A private space is essential to safeguard your intellectual property and provide your team a closed space for passionate discussions on the important project. Check for the variety of spaces your co-working space provider offers you. As a team, you might need a private office or at least a meeting space.

4. Attend public events

In the interest of supporting and growing their communities, many coworking spaces feature events, including happy hours, workshops, presentations, hackathons, networking events, art openings, and more. Take a look at the offerings and see if they speak to your interests, needs, and skills you’d like to develop. You don’t have to go to all of them, but you should be able to tell from the schedule if the events generally held in the space are a good fit for you. 

It is really important to share a sense of community where everyone feels secure. Nobody wants to be a part of a collaborative space where they are made to feel like an outsider. It destroys the whole meaning of working as a team and makes it impossible to get anything meaningful accomplished. Make them feel a strong sense of community, be more comfortable, share the right knowledge appropriately, and help to solve deep problems. Teams will be more committed and have a global perspective.

5. Encourage people to socialize outside of your organization

We all lead busy personal lives and the thought of having one more corporate event we are obligated to attend can add stress. However, socializing with coworkers outside the organization is an effective way to open channels of communication, create a better understanding and break down any walls of pre-judgemental or mistrust between people. When team members learn they share common interests or wrestle with some of the same challenges outside of work as others, they experience their team members as more real. Which helps to make it more difficult to point the finger at someone and instead provide support and camaraderie.

6. Make sure the price is right

At last the most crucial bit, the budget. Ensure the workspace you are choosing complies with your budget restriction. Keep in mind the kind of work you do so you can save the unwanted rent money. If your work requires you to have only weekly meetings then renting on an hourly basis would suffice. What company or space gives you the most bang for your buck? Sometimes, it’s worth spending a bit extra to invest in a place to collaborate that inspires you, but straying far from your budget is never a good idea. Find that happy medium. It would be wiser to opt for remote working for the rest of the days and work in a hybrid work model that allows you both team interaction and cost savings. 

All-in-all, when you or your organization needs a place to collaborate, you would need to make sure that all of these boxes are checked before making the jump. Whether you need a private office, shared office space, or simply an area to hold your meetings, it’s important to know that all of these factors can severely affect your experience with the collaborative space provider.

To avoid these mistakes, make sure to consult with your chosen provider first and make your expectations known. If you still haven’t decided which provider suits you and your organization, then why don’t you give ARCH Offices a try?

If you need an ideal place to collaborate, ARCH Offices has great coworking spaces with top-notch facilities and amenities to support your work. Contact us today to know more about our amazing workspaces!

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