What Will the Future of Workspaces Look Like in 2021?

We have experienced a big change in the work setup since the pandemic started, but this year, these changes will become more solidified. We are seeing a big transformation in the workplace this 2021. The future office space will shift away from a place where people simply go to work daily into a place where people want to meet, socialize, and work with each other. It will shift from a “workplace” for individual work to a “convening” place for group work.

In this article, we will talk about the changes in the work setup and how workplaces will look like this 2021.

Giving a New Role to the Physical Workspace

On a survey by Gensler towards the knowledge workers across 10 different business industries, employees reported an increase in creativity and the willingness to complete individual work. Yes, working from home makes people more productive, but it doesn’t mean everyone prefers this kind of setup. Only 12% of the U.S. workforce want full-time remote work. They still want to go back to the office once the pandemic is over, but what will you do to the workspace today? 

Instead of letting the office space stand and become a blank area, why not give it a new role like a meeting place where you and your employees can gather for important business activities once or twice a week? By redesigning it into a safer and more engaging place, you are giving a whole fresh experience to your people and still manage to get work done together.

Another idea would be preparing it as a safe place for employees who need a back-up plan in case they cannot work at home. Less than 30% of the workforce can work remotely according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Believe it or not, for job positions that allow a remote work setup, many factors may arise blocking the opportunity for an employee to work from home. It includes the following instances:

1. When the noise and other distractions at home are uncontrollable. It is quite difficult to stay focused on work when children are running around, playing, laughing, and crying. Not to mention the pets like dogs barking and begging for attention. It may not be too obvious, but these may affect the output and day-to-day productivity. It would be ideal to have an available office space for your people who want to focus and spend some time off home.

2. One more factor is the issue with the internet connection. During the work from home setup, no one can guarantee that there will be no problems regarding this as even technology can sometimes be unreliable, especially in areas with unstable signal and connection. One of the first back-up plans an employee would have in moments like this is to go to the office to finish the work, which is why you need to prepare.

3. Some workers do not have a proper place to work. An example of this is an employee staying in a dorm. Not everyone in the working class is from the city. Some are from the provinces settling in a shared space in the Metro to save costs. These are the people who are greatly in need of your support to continue working. Make the office a safe workplace for them during the pandemic.

Change is Inevitable for the Office of the Future

Transforming the office space into something that can be more useful during the pandemic is inevitable. Since 88% of companies encouraged their employees to work from home in response to the current situation, it provides time for businesses to level up their space. 

Here are some of the reasons why switching the workplace into a meeting space and why providing an available area for your employee is important during the pandemic:

1. Transformed Office Space Can Help Support the Priorities of the Business

According to Osgerby, the office of the future is more of a place for collaboration. When communicating, most especially about the topics that are quite vital for the business, things are easier when we are talking face-to-face without the layers of technology causing communication barriers.

The pandemic is making businesses entirely transform the workplace to comply with the protocols in the new normal. Design it specifically to support the type of interactions that cannot happen remotely. Make it a space for collaboration. This is necessary to maintain a high productivity rate and preserve the corporate culture. 

2. It Allows Employees to Maintain a Good Work Relationship

Take note that your people must maintain a good work relationship even when they do not often see each other. It helps reduce the awkwardness during an online conference and get to the discussion effectively. This creates a healthy work environment that your staff would love about your company, giving them more reasons to love their job, which may also result in better output. 

With transformed office space, your staff will have something more to look forward to when going to the workplace for meetings and other important business activities in addition to the social moments with colleagues.

3. Some Employees Do Not Have the Access to Work Remotely

As mentioned above, some workers don’t have the opportunity to work from home. And one of the best things to do with instances like this is to support them in any way you can, such as making the office space a safe place for them to go now and then for work purposes. 

In this case, it’s a win-win scenario as you helped them work properly to get the task done for you. This is important because if you let them find another place to stay, they would probably go somewhere public and would connect their devices on public WIFIs which may affect the security of your data. Moreover, their health and wellness are what’s on the line. And you don’t want that to happen as losing even a single worker for a few days to do quarantine may cause your business a fortune, especially if the role of the person is vital to the company.

4. The Costs Will Still Apply

Whether you are using the office space or not, the costs will still run, especially if you are only renting. Better yet continue maximizing the use of the space by transforming it into something more useful for your business amidst the pandemic. 

How to Transform Your Office Space into a Meeting Hub

Your office speaks a lot about your business. Every detail is crucial as it may impact your people and the entire organization. Good thing, switching your workplace into a meeting spot is easier now than ever with the help of businesses like Arch Serviced Offices that offer different services. 

Achieve a transformed office space this 2021 specifically designed to optimize your business needs amidst pandemic through our professional custom office buildout service. With the help of our advanced technology and design experts who never run out of fresh ideas, we will redesign your office quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, we have work and meeting spaces available for teams and individuals may it be short-term or long-term use. We have different plans and pricing to choose from as we want to provide people and businesses an affordable workplace while enjoying modern office amenities with professional support.

Despite the global impact of the pandemic, changing how we work, we learned to adapt to the new normal and enabled us to find unique ways to continue doing business like transforming the workplace. To know more about our services, send an inquiry today and we will gladly help with the most ideal workspace solution for you.

What Employees Really Want In a Workplace

For many months now we have proven we can easily and efficiently work from home. Focus work and productivity has been reported to be exceptionally effective at home, and remote collaboration also saw an improvement in effectiveness as compared to doing both activities in the office. However, we can’t manage to effectively do all work activities from home. The workplace not only still remains relevant, it may be more important than ever.


There’s really something about going to the office to do some work. People want to go to work to work and somehow create a schism between their life at home and life at work. The role of the workplace has transformed since the pandemic impacted our worklife. 


According to a survey done by Genslar, “the most important reasons employees see for coming into the office include meetings, socializing, connecting with colleagues, and building community. This underscores the fact that being with colleagues in person is an invaluable part of the workplace experience, as is being part of a community that can’t be replaced virtually while working from home. This is not only changing expectations of how we work, but it’s changing the role of the physical workplace. The post-COVID-19 workplace will shift away from a place where people simply go to work, and into a place where people want to be to meet, socialize, and work with each other. It will shift from a “work” place for individual work to a “convening” place for group work.”


The workspace needs to metamorphose according to time and circumstance. These are determined by technology, the state of the economy and life in general. There’s often a disconnect between what employees want and what employers think employees want. 


In Vault’s article Top 9 Things Employees Want in a Workplace, According to a New Study, 


“The study—conducted by Future Workplace and View, and written about in the Harvard Business Review by Future Workplace Partner Jeane Meister—found that employees care little about Google-like perks such as food trucks, bowling alleys, and craft-beer happy hours, and care a lot about the basics of human survival such as air, light, and water.” 


You need to tailor your space based on their basic needs to get work done and how they can work their best. To ensure you are still providing the best and safe space for returning employees amid COVID-19, here are the top things employees really want in an office space:


A Physical Office

In a survey for employees across the United States, 83% of the respondents said they wanted to spend some time in an office over working remotely all the time. Most people, especially after all these months in lockdown, want a change of scenery.

From the same survey, more than half wanted private offices, while less than a third wanted an open floor plan and 20% prefer cubicle offices. 

Most employees have assigned spaces. This means companies should provide office space which employees can personalize, if possible.

It’s most likely similar here in Metro Manila. Remote work has so many challenges. There are daily challenges while living in one of the most densely populated regions in the world. Working from home, employees struggle with crying babies, the occasional crowing rooster, neighbors singing karaoke, and every other distraction imaginable

Great Workplace Environment

If companies spent more time investing in improving the workplace environment over perks like onsite gyms and game rooms, productivity will drastically improve. Employees really just want to be able to work without getting distracted. Here are some of the things they want:

Better air quality

In a survey by Future Workplace, 58% of respondents said they wanted fresh, allergen-free air to improve their wellness.

Comfortable (Natural) Light

The same survey also has half of employees interviewed saying they wanted a view of the outdoors to feel better while working. Employees don’t want to feel boxed in so a view of the outside can improve people’s wellbeing.

Comfortable Temperature

Employees feel better when the temperature is ideal. This means not feeling like winter is coming. Employees are also less likely to get sick from a freezing workplace. Make sure the room temperature is optimally set. Ask your employees.


As the trend towards open offices continued, the more employees realized how much they valued their privacy. While collaboration is certainly appreciated by employees, certain work needs complete focus. The solution is variety. Give employees the ability to choose according to their needs.

Employees want their own personal space more than any other place at the office, but companies need to provide other spaces.

You want to provide a variety of locations:

Personal spaces

These spaces need to feel like a base for your employees in case they need individual time on some work.

Large meeting rooms

For when the teams need to meet or do an activity together.

Collaborative spaces

Open offices can be made for entire floors or per team

Places to relax

Employees also need a space that feels entirely separate from the office while being conveniently located nearby.

Quiet spaces

People need a space for meditation or silence

Open office setups save on costs but usually sacrifice privacy and overall comfort for employees. By bringing back privacy even to open offices, you can achieve the purpose of open offices—increased engagement. Giving employees the option to avoid engagement ultimately makes it their idea when they do choose to be engaged with a coworker. One of the takeaways of the great open office experiment is that balance is the key. It’s about organizing space that encourages a variety of experiences.

Great office design provides escape when employees need it. Employees feel empowered by management to make their own decisions, even on how and where they work.

Less Distractions

Another known issue with open office design can be visual noise. Even when you find a quiet spot to work, you can get distracted by activity in your periphery. You need an office design that helps you focus.

There’s also actual noise, which is a common issue for employees. Noise distractions impact employees’ ability to concentrate. Some of these distractions are ringing phones, typing on keyboards, and coworkers talking.

Ask CEOs what the single most important leadership skill is and they’ll tell you: Creativity. The business world is consumer-driven and each day requires problem-solving, iteration and ideation. But these distractions get in the way of creativity and innovation.

Noise control is vital to designing a great workspace. You want to avoid hearing unwanted chatter as you’re trying to meet a deadline. At Arch Offices, we’ve carefully designed serviced offices that meet the criteria, helping clients get work done.

People-centric Office Design

Workspaces need to be catered to the people who will use them. The office needs to motivate and inspire employees. It needs to feel conducive to focus and productivity. Our office spaces in Makati are designed to be just that—flexible and customizable according to how people want to work. Some want to work on their own, others in small teams, and still others in large teams.

Chances to Collaborate

Now more than ever, businesses see the advantages of connecting outside the workplace. “Premium” coworking is trending in large companies for several reasons. It is catering to established professionals and companies that aim to keep their offices small, as well as innovative business owners that see the value of exposing their employees to outside people.

The coworking trend was pioneered by startups that wanted to share space (and cut costs) with other companies. Now, corporations are investing in coworking too. Coworking is now a part of a larger movement for creating spaces where people feel more connected, healthier, and happier.

People Can Thrive in a Workplace That Meets Their Needs

While work from home has proven to be feasible, we cannot completely remove the importance of the workplace. Most employees still want to go to work to a physical space. Companies have to design a workplace that all their employees both in-office and remote, that can cater to their different work needs given the many changes in the way we work. 

As business owners and managers, we need to provide spaces, both open spaces or private offices that help employees get things done. This also means providing personal spaces, coworking spaces, and even quiet rooms while considering a safe workplace for employees during the pandemic. 

Employees will appreciate it when you offer their own space to work. The best workplace is one where people can do their jobs well and with minimal stress and distractions. 

Do you want to find the ideal workspace in the best location that you and your team will love to come to every day? Get in touch with us.

ARCH Offices Opens Its Newest Premium Office Space at NEX Tower

Following the launch of its fourth space at Pacific Star, ARCH Offices has just inaugurated its first ever premium-grade office space located at the gleaming NEX Tower along Ayala Avenue in Makati City.

Strategically located in the heart of the central business district where a competitive environment for thriving startups continues to rise, ARCH Offices’ newest premium space offering at NEX Tower is ideal for businesses that want to make a mark in their respective industries.

ARCH Offices - NEX Tower - Lobby - ARCH Offices opens its newest premium office space at NEX Tower - Blog

A striking presence in Metro Manila’s most dynamic and creative district

NEX Tower has 38,000 square meters of top-grade office space and is a few minutes’ walk from major transportation hubs, numerous bus routes, major arterial roads, as well as the biggest and most prestigious shopping malls in the country. Behind the tower is the eclectic neighborhood of Legazpi Village which is home to several food spots, cocktail bars, and local upscale restaurants.

The building sits along Ayala Avenue which is recognized as the “Wall Street of the Philippines.” A quality arrival will welcome tenants and visitors in a soaring lobby that has been designed with security and efficient circulation in mind. Two elevator banks with a total of 15 lifts, including the retail podium elevator, provide ample provision to decrease waiting times. There is a terrace with lush planting for breakout working and informal meetings. For tenants and visitors arriving by car, the tower offers seven levels of parking with 384 bays.

ARCH NEX Tower - Meeting Room 1

All-inclusive business amenities catered to you

Our top-notch amenities were designed with the needs of our partners in mind—workspaces where they can innovate and collaborate, and services that include high-speed Internet, first-rate IT support, transformative working areas, as well as Plug & Play and turnkey office solutions. Our team of experts and trained professionals are available on-site 24/6 should you require any assistance for a seamless transition.

The spacious private offices and open workspace areas were purposefully designed to make guests feel at home, productive, and innovative all at once. Members are given access to work booths and meeting rooms where they can collaborate with their team. The pantry is also stocked with free snacks and beverages not only to satisfy your cravings and coffee fix, but also to keep you energized throughout the day.

Take a tour of our newest premium office space here!

ARCH Offices - Private Offices - ARCH Offices opens its newest premium office space at NEX Tower - Blog

Designed for productivity and collaboration

Our premier office space in NEX Tower comprises high-end amenities that guests can indulge themselves in. The space boasts a welcoming, elegant reception that gives people a hint of the stylish work environment and state-of-the-art facilities that await. Japanese minimalist design was incorporated into the space, boasting a modern yet minimal look, and at the same time complementing the muted earth tones that create a warm and soothing vibe. This color scheme is a great match for light ash wood finishes as well as compact and lightweight furniture.

This style, at its heart, is a combination of functionality, simplicity, and a variety of off-whites, sepias, and wood tones that work well together and radiate a homey work environment. The entire office has perfectly planned zones that ensure comfort of work in various conditions—from team meetings and focus rooms to lounge work areas and coworking tables.

Fused with lush greenery, wall murals of tropical plants, and a mixture of natural and artificial lighting, our space generates a positive effect on the well-being, fosters engagement, and drives productivity for individuals and teams to create their best work.

ARCH Offices - Working Bar Area - NEX Tower

Legazpi Village: a terrific mix of art, dynamism, and stillness

The building nestles in the energetic neighborhood of Legazpi Village, which is a hipper and younger counterpart to Salcedo Village. It is a haven for foodies and a watering hole for night owls who want to blow off steam after a hectic day at work. The community is just a walking distance from Makati’s main thoroughfares and commercial establishments. There are different banks and ATMs where you can withdraw and deposit money with ease. Drugstores and convenience stores are also well spread out across the neighborhood for your daily essentials.

Despite it being in the heart of the business district, one-way roads and lush greeneries make it a great place to walk around in. Washington SyCip Park, a flourishing oasis amidst the metro’s busiest districts, is a paradise for people who want to unwind and get some peace of mind. Sculptures and classical music playing from hidden speakers positioned around the park are a gift to the sight and ears of those walking by. Every weekend, the Legazpi Sunday Market opens its doors to blossoming entrepreneurs who set up stalls with artisan crafts so folks can dine and shop while chitchatting and making friends—all in one warm and friendly venue. Educational pillars like the Asian Institute of Management and other international schools that are found in the village contribute to its youthful vibe, apart from the younger urban professionals who work in the area.

ARCH NEX Tower - Open Area 3

The coronavirus pandemic presents a unique challenge for all industries and businesses across the globe. We want to ensure everyone that ARCH Offices is continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is adhering to protocols set by local health authorities. As we tread this health crisis, we are taking the necessary steps to protect the well-being of our community. Watch our safety measures video!

Check out more photos of our newest premium office space here. Choose the right office space that your team deserves. Get in touch with us at so we can arrange an exclusive sneak peek for you!