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How Startups Can Promote Team Productivity in a Coworking Space [Infographic]

How Startups Can Promote Team Productivity in a Coworking Space Banner

We are still right in the middle of the startup boom, where some innovative and enterprising business owners still build their companies out of dorm rooms and garages. Armed only with a clear vision and little capital, they run their operations while trying to minimize overhead expenses.

Technology has been playing a crucial role in making things easier for professionals to work. With the internet being a key tool in running business operations, there is now a way to complete tasks remotely. But as convenient as this may be, there will always be a need to work in an actual office to set a professional environment where both business owners and employees can jumpstart business operations efficiently. This is where the brilliant idea of a coworking space comes in.

Startup companies looking to take root in the Philippines don’t need to look for office space for rent in Makati or other central business districts. All they have to do is turn a coworking space into an even more ideal work environment using team productivity strategies.


How Startups Can Promote Team Productivity in a Coworking Space Infographic


Manage noise and disruption

The environment at a coworking space offers huge benefits for promoting innovation and collaboration while steering your startup company towards the right direction.

Despite this ideal set up, noise and boundaries issues may emerge if they are not addressed immediately. You can encourage employees to use noise-canceling headphones to help them avoid distractions from the surrounding noise.

Make sure there is enough space for each of your employees and establish a workplace culture where they respect boundaries. One way to do this is to have them send their coworkers a message to check if they are available before approaching them to engage in a discussion.


Use collaborative digital tools

Tools are created to help humans complete a specific job easier and faster. This goes the same at a coworking space, where digital tools should be utilized to help with collaboration.

Find out how various tools can help your team share information, communicate with ease, and collaborate smoothly and without delay.

  • Enterprise tools for collaboration

This kind of tool can help your team work together efficiently. They can have features like customer databases, file-sharing capability, and content management.

  • Content management system

A fully-loaded content management system might include a social intranet, an instant messaging feature, and a customer database. It can have an online workspace where your team can easily start working together in real time.

  • Chat groups, forums, and blogs

Chat groups and intranet forums are an effective way to promote a more close-knit team culture while allowing members to share ideas and participate in discussions. You can use blogs to broadcast and discuss important updates and comprehensive information about tasks at work.


Assign office zones properly

Your team’s workspace location within the coworking space plays a crucial role in collaboration and productivity. Each member who works closely together using ergonomic equipment has a higher chance of delivering top-notch work compared to those who are scattered across the work area and don’t use comfortable office furniture.


Build spaces for collaboration

An area within the coworking space dedicated to teams for collaboration is a welcome approach in promoting productivity. This may be a large table where each member can sit facing each other for easier discussions on work matters or an exclusive room like a conference room where all members can easily collaborate in a discussion.


Fun zones

Fun zones are essential in the lives of your workers to help them be relieved of stress, which is beneficial for their productivity. Employees who don’t take a breather and inject fun into the workplace are likely to experience burnout, which makes it a lot tougher for them to complete tasks.

Setting up specific areas in the coworking space for fun zones helps alleviate the strain of working long hours on projects and balances everything out from all the work that needs to be done.

You can start by setting up a corner where classic board games are available to employees who wish to take a break. A ping pong table or a small room with gym equipment can also be set up for those looking for a nice endorphin boost to clear the head and keep both the body and mind healthy.


Quiet zones

Many employees could focus more on the task at hand when they are in the zone. And more often than not, this happens when they are diligently working in a quiet area where it is very little to no distractions. They tend to finish work faster and more effectively.

Quiet zones are also a great place to drown all the noise when your team members just want to take a break and relax. This helps them recalibrate their minds when they’re stuck in a rut or a task that is difficult to complete.

Enclosed areas or small rooms in one corner of the coworking space are ideal quiet zones. They should be away from the main floor where all the chatter takes place.


Organize team activities

Being part of a strong and effective team is important in promoting productivity, so employees should be encouraged to form a strong bond with their teammates. Fun activities outside of the serviced office help develop a kind of bond that lets a team function as one cohesive unit.

Organize social outings like hikes, workout sessions, or happy hour trips to the local bar to foster strong connections between members of a team.


Encourage to network with other people in the coworking space

There will be other professionals working at a coworking space, making it the perfect place to expand one’s network not only within yours but also across various industries. Networking has tremendous benefits, particularly in one’s profession.

Other professionals from different fields are a wealth of knowledge where you can get valuable opinions and tips on any subject. Keep in mind that this goes both ways, so give as much as you take to make good impressions on people in your network. You just might land your next big project through them.


Allow employees to set up their own workstations

Personalization has a positive effect on employees and the overall work culture. Photos of them with their loved ones, small potted plants, pillows, and other personal effects can enhance their mood, creating a more productive atmosphere.

Find ways to accommodate your employees whenever they have requests in terms of personalizing their coworking space experience. The results may surprise you.


Promote workplace wellness

The best tools for any job is a healthy mind and body. An employee wouldn’t be able to function well without both, so it’s always a great idea to promote physical and mental wellness in the workplace.

Encourage employees to work out by offering corporate discounts on membership fees. You can also set physical activities together like going on hikes and joining fun runs.


Continuously improve or change your processes

Employers should always strive for perfection, so all processes applied in your organization should always go through changes to make improvements. Never be afraid to try something new if it’s going to benefit your company even in small ways.



Sharing office space with others may be a bit daunting, but with the right strategy and facilities, you can turn a coworking space into an ideal work environment.

You must take the necessary steps to make sure productivity is promoted, and the key is to make sure your employees are happy, comfortable, and motivated. This is a surefire way for them to reach their full potential, and along with it is the growth of your startup into a profitable company.

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