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Six Security Tips For Coworking Spaces

Six Security Tips For Coworking Spaces


Co-working spaces are gaining popularity these days. Also known as shared working spaces, these are offices that different individuals and businesses share. Unlike the typical office space, a co-working environment consists of people who are not working for the same company. People sharing the area can be freelancers, employees of a start-up company, or even remote workers who want to work in a different place other than their homes. That’s why knowing some security tips for coworking spaces is necessary.


What are the Benefits of Coworking Spaces?

Co-working spaces are a trend now because of the perks that you can get from them. Here are some of its benefits:

      • Increased productivity– whether you are a freelancer or a remote employee, working in a shared space will make you more productive than at home. There are fewer distractions in a co-working space, giving you a conducive environment.  Going to another place also gives you a “work mode” mindset that prepares you to be productive throughout the day.
      • Cost-efficient- renting an office space can be expensive, and you may even entail additional costs for employee perks like coffee and snacks. In a co-working space, these perks are included in your monthly rate. Some co-working spaces can even let you choose the features you get as an inclusion to your monthly rate.
      • Widens your network- as they say, “it’s who you know.” One of the most significant advantages of co-working spaces is that it quickly helps you network with other professionals. A greater network can come in handy later on if there is a need to collaborate with other freelancers or companies.
      • More flexibility-  co-working spaces are ideal for start-up businesses since it gives them more flexibility. It is more affordable compared to the traditional offices. If you need to cancel your membership for any reason, it will be easy to do so. 


How to Keep Coworking Spaces Safe?

Since this area houses different companies and individuals, it is vulnerable to safety and security threats. Assets, whether objects or data, can be stolen if security measures are not in place. Viruses and workplace injuries may happen as well. To prevent that, here are some security tips for coworking spaces.

1. Create solid yet easy to understand rules

It is essential to create safety rules and protocols since multiple workers come and go in the shared area. Ensure that every member of the space is informed of the regulations to follow the rules.

In the set of rules, you may include identifying potential hazards and how to deal with them, outlining the locations of safety equipment and emergency exits, and any other information pertinent to your shared space. 

2. Install monitoring cameras and high-quality locks.

Prevent theft by installing surveillance cameras and high-quality locks. Through this, you can ensure everyone’s safety and make it easier for you to rectify issues. It can also help you monitor office activities even if you are away.

Aside from installing CCTV, make sure to put high-quality locks. Grant access cards to make sure that entrance and exit in the premises are regulated as well.

3. Prioritize a clean work environment.

Several workplace accidents occur due to disorganization and clutter in the workplace. Accidents can be slips or falls, so ensure to practice 5s. Encourage people to clean, declutter, remove any rogue cables, wires, and other obstacles.

You can also hire a professional maintenance team to keep the place clean and hygienic. More than ever, because of the pandemic, it is vital to retain a high hygiene standard.

4. Go ergonomic and make people move more.

Not all work-related injuries happen instantly. Some take time to develop, such as musculoskeletal disorders and Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI). You can combat these by choosing ergonomic office furniture. Go with ergonomically designed desks, chairs, mouse pads with wrist support, and other items. 

You can also encourage people to move regularly by designing the space efficiently. You can also inject wellness activities like yoga, Zumba, and other healthy lifestyle activities.

5. Have a health professional in your co-working space.

Have an onsite health professional in your shared workplace to ensure workers’ safety. This strategy will give you the peace of mind that someone can provide first aid and other life-saving procedures if there are emergencies.

6. Protect your network.

Cybersecurity should be a priority in your co-working space as well. Prevent data loss by applying strong password protection to access your shared network. You may also require users to authenticate their credentials. Change passwords regularly to avoid hacking too. 

You can also have separate virtual networks since co-working spaces cater to different businesses or workgroups. This way, each group operates under its secure network within the network. Each group has different ways of using the internet- some use it heavily on hosting online meetings and events, while some may use it for basic programs such as the Gmail app.   In whatever way they are using the network, it can cause breaches and cybersecurity threats to everyone. Having separate virtual networks gives members an added layer of protection.


Wrapping up

Getting a co-working space can be a good decision. Make sure to keep it safe from any threats with the security tips for coworking spaces so that you can continuously enjoy your shared workspace.

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