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4 Important Things You Can Learn from Coworking Spaces During the Pandemic

4 Important Things You Can Learn from Coworking Spaces During the Pandemic


Shared Spaces, also referred to as “Coworking Spaces”, can sometimes be more than just a place where entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers, and other professionals go to work. For some people, it is a ground for discovering strategies that could help us adapt, rebound, and recover during or even after the pandemic season.

Coworking Spaces are office spaces that can be rented in various terms such as daily, monthly, or quarterly when you want to focus and get your job done. A survey that was featured by Harvard Business Review found that people using Shared Spaces commonly see their work as something more meaningful. A forecast also reveals that 30% of the US market will stay in flexible spaces by 2030 since they are seeing remote work to still be a hit post-pandemic because many organizations will continue allowing their employees to work remotely. 

More than being a workspace, Coworking Spaces can generate innovation, collaboration, and community. Let’s discuss more of these as we talk about the reasons why coworking spaces are still important during the pandemic and how will it help you regain your footing:

1. An Alternative Workspace is Important in Remote Work

When the pandemic started, many companies allowed their employees to work from home to keep them safe. However, some employees find it hard to adjust to a remote work setup. Some barriers and distractions arise such as unnecessary noise at home, random events, household chores, and there are even power and internet interruptions at times. That’s why it is important to have a backup plan in case you experience these issues, and one lesson we learned from these instances is that Coworking Spaces play an important role in the modem work arrangement. 

These Shared Spaces provide entrepreneurs, employees, freelancers, and other individuals flexible access to an alternative workspace. When they can’t focus at home, they can easily rent a space for a day or a few hours just to get their work done. It has a unique office vibe that will allow you to focus and be productive. Plus, the facilities and amenities are purposefully designed for your needs like the fast internet connection, work zones and common areas, meeting rooms, and many more. When there are power or internet interruptions, they have a backup source to allow you to work continuously without distractions.

2. Creating Connections and Growing Your Network are Keys to Recovery 

Coworking Spaces allow you to connect and collaborate with people from different walks of life. You might have never thought of it, but creating connections can help you realize a lot of things in your career, your business, or even your life as a whole. It can also grow your network, which is helpful especially for entrepreneurs.

A Shared Space is a great way to socialize and interact with fellow members which allows future collaborations. It sometimes becomes a hub that allows you to surround yourself with a network of professionals who will provide you with relevant insight and exposure to other kinds of work that can help you or your business. These simple sharing of how they managed to sustain their jobs or businesses, or how they adapted to the new normal can be your avenue in building new networks, new business, or collaboration.

3. Coworking Spaces Helps Curate the Community

As we move into a future characterized by some degree of social distancing, community ties could wear away, and Coworking Spaces could help you regain it. Community strength is actually one of the reasons why people sign up to work in a communal space. Each Shared Space has a unique level of community strength that helps reduce the feeling of isolation. Since a lot of people are suffering from the lack of in-person social interaction because of the community quarantine, it makes curating a community a valuable principle that you can get from coworking spaces. 

ARCH Offices, for example, is a growing network of coworking spaces in Makati, Philippines. Aside from being an ideal space to work and focus, our workspaces are also becoming community hubs for people who would like to feel a sense of community. It can be a place where members can collaborate, interact, and grow their network.

4. Hybrid Work Arrangement is Beneficial to Businesses and Employees

More than a year in a remote work setup, many people and businesses are now becoming more comfortable with this work arrangement for the first time. They have started to figure and sort things out to make their ways and processes smoother. However, not all remote workers today will remain working from home even after the pandemic. A few weeks or months after community quarantine is lifted, many will surely consider a hybrid approach in their work setup. Plus, some individuals who will be allowed to permanently work from home will be eager to work from somewhere else instead of staying at home all the time. 

Good thing Coworking Spaces is a great match to a hybrid approach. It is fundamentally a hybrid workplace that draws on various settings, which can be increasingly relevant for the future of the workplace because of the benefits it could provide to both the businesses and employees such as the following:

      • Boost focus, creativity, and productivity
      • Offers a better work-life balance
      • Offers flexibility and cost savings
      • Provides opportunities to grow your network
      • Gives you the support you need
      • Be your backup plan in case of power outages or internet interruptions, and many more.

A hybrid work arrangement is truly beneficial, but take note that it depends on the business industry you’re in as well as on the employee’s situation. Some businesses can operate remotely while some need onsite operations. Some employees have the access to work from the comfort of their homes and some can’t because of various reasons. These are just some of the important factors you should consider before jumping on a decision.

The topics we discussed are just some of the helpful insights you can get from using coworking spaces during this pandemic season. As we move towards the new normal, we will still be getting more insights based on our experiences. To discover more about the lessons you can learn from coworking spaces and all the benefits you can get from renting a coworking space, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share with you more information about ARCH Offices’ flexible workspace solutions

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