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How to Have a Safe In-Person Meeting During the Pandemic

How to Have a Safe In-Person Meeting During Pandemic

Virtual meetings are great during the pandemic to keep everyone safe, however, there are just things that are better done in an in-person meeting. It may sound like the perfect opportunity for the virus to transmit — unless you take extra care and keep in mind the necessary precautions to prioritize the health and safety of your team. But how to have a safe in-person meeting during a pandemic? 

Having everyone together in the same room at times for a face-to-face meeting is extremely beneficial. However, since we are amidst a pandemic, there are important things to note to ensure that you are not compromising the health of your team. Let’s take a closer look at some points we should take into consideration.

6 Tips to Hold an In-Person Meeting Amidst Pandemic

Now that we are aware of how the virus is being transmitted from one person to another, we can now hold an in-person meeting when necessary as long as we observe and comply with the COVID-19 safety protocols and precautionary measures. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can still hold a safe in-person meeting during the pandemic:

1. Avoid Busy Hours When Setting a Meeting Schedule

One of the first things to consider is the schedule of the meeting. Select the most appropriate time for everyone, but make sure to avoid the busy times, especially if you are in the central business district. These are the hours when many people are going here and there such as the regular start and after-office hours as well as lunch breaks.

Aside from preventing each of the meeting members to be stuck in the traffic, the main purpose of this to for all of you to avoid the crowd. Getting contact with many people in public transportation, elevators, and other locations, especially enclosed areas can be a reason for the virus to spread even more. So it is best to schedule your meeting in hours when people are staying in place, busy working or doing important activities.

2. Make Sure Everyone Wears a Face Mask

This is one of the basic safety protocols to prevent the COVID-19 virus transmission. The participants of the meeting surely have their own already as you cannot go out nowadays without a face mask. However, it is always best to be ready. Prepare some face masks when having an in-person meeting in case someone needs them. 

Moreover, encourage attendees to still wear their face masks while the meeting is ongoing by repeatedly sharing reminders to cover their faces with well-fitting masks to keep everyone safe. Although it does not totally eliminate the transmission, studies have shown that wearing masks consistently and properly helps protect the person wearing them as well as the people around them. 

3. Disinfect Shared Spaces and All the Materials

To lessen the possibilities of virus transmission when having an in-person meeting, aside from encouraging everyone to always wear face masks, it is also recommended to regularly disinfect the areas you will commonly use inside the meeting room as well as all the materials that each of you will get into contact with every session.

It’s a great idea to observe proper hygiene too. Encourage the attendees to regularly wash their hands and use sanitizers, especially after touching materials and surfaces. Place hand sanitizers in different areas of the room. Another option is to provide each of them with a small bottle of sanitizer. Also, as much as possible, remind everyone to avoid touching their face. 

4. Observe Social Distancing

One way to make sure that social distancing will still be practiced during your in-person meeting is by arranging the chairs at least a meter away from each other. Double-check too if seats are facing directly one another so you can remove the other side. Set it up like a zigzag. This is also a way to let the attendees know that social distancing will strictly be observed inside the meeting room. 

When choosing a meeting venue, make sure that there is plenty of space to avoid bumping on each other as well as to ensure that there will be enough space to set up the seats following the recommended distance. This arrangement also allows the meeting participants to go to their seats and exit any time without coming close to the other attendees.

5. Leverage Technology

The use of technology can also help prevent the virus from spreading. We can use it not just for remote meetings or virtual meetings, but also for in-person meetings. For instance, since a spacious room is recommended, instead of making each of the participants raise their voices to be heard by everyone in the room,  which can increase the chances of spreading the virus, provide a desk microphone to everyone. Make sure none of them will share. And take note to disinfect the microphones before and after use. 

Another way to maximize the use of technology for a safe in-person meeting is to use meeting software to share screens. Avoid crowding around a single computer. Integrate a software or an app that allows you to share screens like TeamViewer or a presentation screen in front. You can also do both, especially if there are participants who cannot properly see what’s being flash on the big screen in front. This will help keep everyone in their respective seats.

6. Choose a Meeting Place that Complies with COVID-19 Safety Protocols

One of the most important things on your to-dos pipeline is choosing a meeting place where you will not worry too much about the safety of every participant, one that complies with the COVID-19 protocols and precautionary measures. And public places like cafes aren’t a part of the choices.

You can look for private meeting places you can rent for a day or two like ARCH Offices located in the Makati central business district that offer flexible plans. We have a safe office that complies with the COVID-19 safety protocols with regular disinfection of all the areas and materials. Our spacious office spaces allow you to practice social distancing.

If you want to hold a safe in-person meeting with no hassle, ARCH Offices got your back! When you choose us, you can just do your thing and go. We will take care of the rest like disinfection, arranging of seats, and other precautionary measures to make sure that you and your team will have a successful, safe, and productive in-person meeting at one of our meeting spaces. Get in touch with us today to know more about our flexible workspace solutions. 

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