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How to Brighten Up Your Office Space

Businesses need to do all they can to make the most of their workspaces. The office can be a stress-inducing place, especially when onboarding new employees. To avoid all the stress and chaos, it is important to focus on making your office run efficiently when easing into a new year. Whether you decide on making small or big changes to your office, rearranging or tossing unnecessary paperwork, you must plan to set aside time for brightening up your office space and making improvements. Having a chaotic office is only going to distract you and your colleagues. Employee environments can have a big impact on satisfaction as well as employee productivity. While enhancing your office space may not initially seem like it is worth the effort, you will realize how this investment can pay off in the long run. Here are some ways employees can appreciate their office more and run their areas more efficiently:


Employees should aim to keep office spaces and communal areas clean. It is one thing to do a deep clean, but it takes a collective effort to keep them spotless throughout the year. It is a good idea to clear out all unnecessary belongings from communal spaces and desk drawers. As soon as things fall out of the process, it can be difficult to regain control over your work environment. If everyone does their part and leads by example, they will have an obligation to clean up and keep their space in mint condition. Depending on the office environment, managers should encourage everyone to do a deep clean every month or quarter. This will make coming to work every day more appealing and can prevent important documents from being misplaced.

Decorate With a Purpose

Businesses frequently have themes and color schemes throughout their offices. More often than not, offices will utilize colors that are included in their logo. Commercial design can frequently come off as cold and unwelcoming. Many companies will consult with an interior designer for office inspiration. It is also worth noting that one should not go overboard with regards to decorating offices. For example, if a logo involves a bright color, it might be best to include these colors as accent pieces. Think twice before placing blaring colors on desks. Doing so can distract the entire office. Sometimes, less is more. If you spend too much time decorating your workspace, it can take away from valuable work time.

Proper Lighting

Many outdated offices have similar lighting to old office buildings and hospitals. Offices can benefit from utilizing adequate lighting and changing up the lampshades. It is valuable to stick with a theme when changing the lighting. By sticking with the same theme, it can help add more flow to your office. Brightening your workplace will also make it more appealing to applicants and in-person client meetings.  Overhead lights along with computer screens can be extremely hard on the eyes. It can be fun to incorporate a funky lamp in social areas that can help people relax on intense workdays. The lighting can help draw people to certain areas and dress up the office.

Make It More Lovely

Offices should add subtle hints of green to their space. Be careful not to include fake plants, though. They only collect dust and have to be cleaned frequently. Fake plants filter the air the same way that real plants do, so it is much better to stick with the latter as this option is more beneficial to the health of the employees. Living plants placed in conference rooms, lounges, and personal offices can add more life to the entire workplace. A simple living wall design can be extremely welcoming in the entrance of an office as well.

Collaborative Rooms

Recently, it has become popular to add glassed-in soundproof rooms at offices for meeting purposes. Depending on the office environment, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of having this type of conference rooms or not. While some people value their privacy and do not want to be seen or heard especially in important meetings, hence, the existence of private offices, it is fine with others as it could mean like transparency is a big deal in the workplace. Yes, it has its perks of being more collaborative, however, there should be a variation of meeting rooms that are more professional and have an appropriate amount of privacy. Lounges and common areas can be perked up as well for quick and not-so-formal meetings. A cozy couch and several bean bags would really help in terms of the employees’ relaxation and comfort.

The Importance of Outdoor Space

Many new offices are incorporating more outdoor areas to their space. These areas are a great perk to have when trying to attract top talent. People who are looking for a job might be easily enticed to businesses with high employee retention rates because of said benefit. Having an outdoor area might help candidates select a job that offers a positive company culture and environment. Many employees will be placed through intense workdays and will need an area where they can check out and have a moment away from their desks. They can be more productive if they allow themselves to step away from demanding projects every once in a while, thus brightening their attitude towards work. 

Get creative and have fun decorating your office!


Author Bio:

Carolyn Krokus is a contributor for 365 Business Tips and can be found enhancing event blogs by writing lively and relevant content. When she is not blogging, she can be found at the beach running, or nannying on the side.


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