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Holiday Virtual Gift Ideas for Your Remote Work Colleagues

Holiday Virtual Gift Ideas for Your Remote Work Colleagues

Looking for easily-available presents for this year’s holiday season can be a challenge because of the global crisis, but even this pandemic will not stop us from spreading the love! As they say, if there is a will, there is a way. And it is a fact, especially nowadays when most of the things you need are just a few clicks away. Whether you want to express your gratitude towards your colleagues for being such a great help to you or you just want to make them feel remembered, you can get something to give even when you are on a work from home set up. 

20 Virtual Gifts for Your Coworkers this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Don’t stress yourself out trying to find the most ideal presents as we are here to help you. We have listed some of the great finds to choose from for your holiday virtual gifts:

1. E-Card

If you want to give your workmates something to brighten up their day but on a short budget, an appreciation letter or an e-card will do. Who said gifts should always be material? Aside from it’s safer as it is digital, you can also write your heart out, especially the kindest things you’ve been wanting to tell your colleague. Send it through email or other messaging applications. Remember that the remarkable presents are the ones that can bring out the receiver’s emotions.

2. Book

virtual gift book

For your bookworm coworker, this is the perfect gift. Take note that you don’t have to go out to buy one. There are many online book stores where you can purchase a book and have it delivered to their doorsteps. To make it more relevant by finding a book related to the current situation such as how to keep yourself motivated on a remote work set-up. Another option you got is an e-book. Simply get one and hand it as a gift through email. They will surely love it.

3. Gift Certificate

One of the popular surprises this year is the gift certificate, most especially for companies. Since people cannot just go here and there as a result of the pandemic, you can resort to digital GCs. Purchase from a trusted gift certificate site and send it to your teammate via email. What’s great about this is the endless options. It can be on a gas station, grocery store, online selling platform, restaurants, and many more. 

4. Supercards

Another awesome timely gift! Many employees are on a remote work set-up and the only way to successfully communicate and do meetings that will make you feel like you are in the same place is through video calls. However, we cannot fully eliminate the minor problems that may cause setbacks. With this, supercards can be greatly useful at this time.

5. App Subscription

Yes, it is challenging to choose which app to subscribe to, but here goes how well you know your colleagues. It can be a lot of help when you choose this type of holiday virtual gift considering that there are a lot of applications out there. A few examples are if they love movies, pick Netflix. For music lovers, Spotify would be nice. 

6. House Cleaning Service

virtual gift house cleaning service

A part of the list that would go a long way is the house cleaning service. Since the pandemic is still not over, having a tidy home could somehow make you feel better for a safer and more homey vibe that could encourage you to stay at home. Moreover, it will help eliminate the bacteria causing the virus to spread. This works simply by contacting a house cleaning service provider and set the most ideal schedule for your remote work teammate. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone do the cleaning.

7. Gift Basket

This may seem a bit cliché, but who wouldn’t love to receive a basket full of joy? Some of the well-known types of gift baskets are fruit basket, cocktail kit, and grocery basket. Check some online selling platforms and you will definitely find some ready-to-deliver gift baskets. With the wide variety to choose from, you might feel dizzy, but you can also go with something more personal such as a customized package consisting of the things you know they love.

8. Food Delivery

With all the useful apps being introduced today, especially the mobile food delivery platforms like Foodpanda, total convenience is in your hands. In just a few clicks, your cravings will be delivered right to your doorsteps. Why not do the same to your coworkers? Send them something to delight their day like a cup of coffee, a full meal, dessert, and many more. 

9. Flower Delivery

Make it a memorable day for your workmates with a flower delivery from an online flower store. This may be the sweetest and most thoughtful present they will receive this holiday season. 

10. Tech Supply

The work from home setup can sometimes be challenging, especially if you lack the materials needed. This is where you can get inspirations of what tech supply your colleagues might need, which are commonly tech accessories. You can also purchase this from online selling platforms or directly to the brand store.

11. Office Supply

Yes, you are not working in the office, but just like you, your workmates will definitely need at least one of the office supplies such as a ballpen and a notepad to take down notes if they do not want it to be digital. Buy the most used office supply and have it delivered to their home. 

12. Virtual Gym Membership

virtual gift idea virtual gym membership

Remind your teammates that this holiday season is not the time to just sit and chill. Encourage them to stay fit and start a healthy and active lifestyle to fight against the virus by giving them a virtual gym membership that they can use at home. To make it more fun, ask them to do it together through a video call. It will surely motivate them more.

13. Stress Reduction Kit

The situation nowadays can be a little stressful. Help your coworkers survive the roller-coaster of emotions with a simple stress reduction kit. This may consist of aromatherapy oil, stress balls, fidget spinners, massagers, scented candles, and many more. This can also be purchased online and have it delivered to their home. 

14. Tea or Coffee

Back to the normal times before the pandemic, going out for a tea or coffee break is one of your favorite pastimes. Even if you are on a work from home setup, you can still do it together. Send them a package of tea or coffee as your holiday gift and tap them to spend a coffee break together through a video call.

15. Virtual Health and Wellness Program 

virtual gift idea health and wellness program

This is quite a delicate time for everyone and helping your workmate maintain their well-being would be one of the perfect presents this holiday season. Get them a virtual health and wellness program that they can use at home.

16. Printed Socks

Make them feel the warmth of the holiday season with a pair of printed socks. You have the option of whether to buy a readily available design or have it customized with their favorite style and characters with the help of a printing shop, which you can also find online. 

17. Cable Organizer

At some time, your work from home colleague might find it quite annoying for the cable of their computer or mobile phone charger to keep on cluttering around the house. Help them organize it through a set of cable organizers as your holiday gift. 

18. Online Interior Design Service

Considering that we are all staying at home because of the pandemic, why not spruce up the space of your teammates by getting them an online interior design service? There are a lot of packages to choose from. To get the most of it, ask them which one is the best for them.

19. Virtual Cooking Class

For foodies, especially those who love to make their own food, sign them up for a virtual cooking class they can attend during free time. This not only helps them have a better type of meal instead of having the regular unhealthy instant food, but can also be entertainment for their pastime.

20. Coworking Membership

virtual gift idea coworking membership

If you have a remote coworker who can’t work at home, this is probably the best gift there is for them. 

Yes, this is the year of the remote work setup, but believe it or not, some do not have the luxury to work properly and peacefully at home because of the many factors affecting the way they work. Some of these are the noise and mess of the whole family and pets, especially if there are children. They do not have control over these. 

Instead of making them stay at cafes and other public places, gift your colleague a coworking membership. Fortunately, there are businesses today like Arch Serviced Offices that offer this type of service wherein your teammate will be given flexible access to workspaces and savor the most out of the office amenities and all at an affordable price with different plans to choose from.

At Arch Serviced Offices, your teammate will get to enjoy the premium access card, fast internet connection, secure storage, reliable utilities, clean and safe working space, access to conference rooms and meeting pods, complimentary refreshments, break out area, and the service of friendly onsite staff. There is nothing more they could ask for once you give them this one-of-a-kind holiday gift.

There are many other things that your remote colleague would want to get for the holidays and these are just a few on the list. And what’s awesome about this digital age of gift-giving is seeing that the internet is full of possibilities. Remember that no matter what you give, it will surely cheer them up and maintain a good rapport. 

It’s just great to think that amidst challenging times, we still find ways to bring the team together and show appreciation to each and everyone this holiday season. Get in touch today to know more about the services and get on with the purchase!

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