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The Coworking Space Trends Defining the Industry in 2021

Coworking space trends

The coworking space trends around the world have been observed as having rapid industry growth in recent years. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to swing the entire business world, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals have a wonderful opportunity to learn about the future of the coworking space industry and get ready to courageously spearhead innovation. Some coworking trends have stuck, while some are now on the upswing.

5 Coworking Space Trends in 2021

A coworking space business is not necessarily about renting, it’s also about community and collaboration. That’s why a coworking space needs to have its events schedule filled and the promotional strategies follow the latest coworking marketing trends. As to the coworking space trends in 2021, that’s what we are going to figure out right now.

1. Best Solution for Startups

The coworking space model naturally lends itself to small startups. With a low-cost and on-demand space, it’s perfect for startup companies that need to keep overhead costs at a minimum, yet maintain efficient operations as the business grows. In many ways, coworking spaces have more than likely replaced traditional business offices. Many of the coworking space businesses now offer on-site consulting services and resources for up-and-coming companies. A pivotal service also great for every company in these times is the safety that coworking spaces provide. By having greater security and health protocols compared to traditional office spaces, the coworking space industry has seen a great boost in terms of reliability and security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many companies on average, move every 18 to 24 months. Ten-year leases make less and less sense for young companies and agencies that rely on their ability to be agile and flexible in every aspect. That’s why startup companies are looking for fast solutions, and there is no more visible trend than the coworking space industry adapting to the needs of companies.

2. Flexible Workspaces Transforming into Super Flex Offices

It’s not that easy to lease a quality office space these days. As it is not very cost-efficient for companies anymore since they are mostly using a hybrid workforce especially during this pandemic season, which means most of their employees work from home. This would concern companies operating in all business niches. However, all of those enterprises still need a workspace for employees that come to the office, for remote staff when they need to come, team meetings, etc. 

Having a super flex office while meeting the requirements of companies using a hybrid workforce is one of the major coworking space trends happening this year. Transforming those traditional amenities into something futuristic with relevant desk booking technology would allow employees to book desks for a day when they need to show up in the office. In this way, a coworking space provider can accommodate a company of 100 or more people in an office for 30, which is the essence of the super flex concept.

3. Merging of Diverse & Variety of Communities

Coworking space providers across the globe like WeWork, Knotel, and Impact Hub provide big enterprises with space all for their own. Though this isn’t exactly a bad move, there are numerous smaller players for coworking spaces that cater to diverse niches. It’s these diversified solutions providers that have reached the point of opening second or third locations or chaining into other nearby cities. While the scale of WeWork or the like serves one type of niche at large sizes, these players also serve an important role: variety.

Apart from freelancers, startuppers, and solopreneurs, diverse coworking spaces are also capable of partnering with big companies who want to benefit/save some money using shared offices and neighboring other teams. A field-centric coworking space is a perfect place for people of similar occupations to share ideas, collaborate, be productive, and come up with revolutionary solutions.

Diverse coworking spaces have easily developed ardent followings because they may offer a more experiential theme or a career-specific type of space. Or, they might partner with other local businesses to give back to the community. Regardless of their niche, these spaces have crept into cities big and small and thrived because of their variety.

4. Going Green & Eco-Friendly 

Green eco-friendly environments and offices are among the top features sought for coworking space trends in 2021. Getting certified to become a green company isn’t that difficult as one might seem. The majority of companies and professional individuals share the same ideas in terms of nature preservation and environmental protection. So, they will be much happier to join a coworking space that performs and provides the same social mission to protect the environment.

Slowly but surely, the trends of minimizing the usage of plastic at the coworking spaces, utilizing solar energy, and substituting every item with those that can be recycled, are becoming second nature to both companies and employees. This green initiative strives to reduce the stress and anxiety of members at work, encourage healthy well-being and sustainability, refresh the air, and decorate the premises as well. Coworking space providers would do good in participating in this initiative through different eco-friendly organizations. 

5. Add-on Services

The future of coworking space trends will include a more diverse range of services. Already, many coworking providers have expanded their offerings. Extra services such as in-house business coaching, on-site restaurants & coffee bars, and even IT services. Usually, these services are operated as standalone businesses but this has been an ongoing trend in providing more and more options for companies to take advantage of in these coworking spaces.

This past year showed us that almost every business and activity can be transferred online. And so, virtual memberships along with physical ones have been set as an add-on service for coworking spaces as soon as companies understood that COVID-19 is here to stay for a long time.

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