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5 Co-working Space Features You Need To Look For

coworking space features

As more and more people work remotely, coworking spaces are popping up to accommodate them. With workrooms, private offices, fast WiFi, and unlimited coffee, these co-working spaces offer the focused, work-friendly vibe of an office, without the feeling that you’re stuck in jail. Plus, you might get to meet other professionals like yourself, which could be a great way to build your network. So, what coworking space features should you look for to call your work home? Here are seven features to consider.

1. Workspace Focus and Collaboration

Do you need complete silence to think? Do you do your best with a low hum of background music and ambient noise? The noise level can be a big factor as a coworking space feature that lets you be productive. A coworking space with a designated quiet room, for instance, would provide an atmosphere where people can work in solemnity and productivity. 

On the other hand, choosing a coworking space that also has a central atrium where people could collaborate in groups, chat, or eat without disturbing others would be a great option for professionals who love to mingle with other people and other ambient noises in general. 

With these sufficient options of designated work zones on offer, people can make a rough estimation of which type of ambiance they prefer immediately. Try to choose a place where you and your colleagues can feel at home. A study revealed that 60% of people feel more relaxed in a coworking environment, mostly due to the general atmosphere of well-being and stress-free environment.

2. Affordable Price

These days, most companies don’t need an entire building or even a whole floor. That’s why getting a coworking space is your chance to reduce operational costs, by trying to find a place that doesn’t cost too much. This is the only reasonable solution as you probably wouldn’t need to change the existing office otherwise. With the number of coworking spaces increasing, the prices of these workspaces are also becoming more affordable.

Price is probably a top consideration when looking for a coworking space that your company or team could use. Most coworking space features offered in the Philippines usually provide the lowest price point for a coworking day pass if you only want to come into the office on specific days. There are also options to either book a private office space per day or rent the private office, where you would have total privacy to get your work done if you don’t need any distractions.

You can find competitive price ranges for these offices especially in the Philippines where you can get the best bang for the buck in terms of coworking space prices. Whether you would like a designated workstation, or meeting room spaces, it would be worth the splurge to customize your own perfect working space just the way you wanted it. At a decent cost, we might add.

3. Location

Ease of location is another big factor when choosing a coworking space feature. Chances are, you commuting back and forth from work would be a pain now that you’re working from home. By using a coworking space, you don’t need to reintroduce a long commute back into your life by choosing an inconveniently located coworking space. You might also consider whether the space has multiple locations around the city, or even around the world. ARCH Offices, for instance, has 6 office sites in Metro Manila. You can have the option of choosing which office would be the closest to your location for your convenience.

4. Community Networking Events

Along with helping you be productive, coworking spaces also offer a great opportunity to meet like-minded people in your community. Often, coworking spaces will hold social events and professional workshops so members can meet and learn from one another. They might also want to host classes on anything from web design to mindfulness.

A coworking space may even have networking events once a month that will be convenient if you’re already in the office doing some work anyway. Instead of having to go out of your way to meet people and grow your network, it’s easier to leverage the built-in network at your coworking space.

5. Amenities

A coworking space feature that is a must, is having every piece of equipment you need in everyday work. It must contain everything – from small things like staples and pens to bigger tools like printers and copy machines. Of course, a stable and high-speed Internet connection is mandatory, as well as landline telephones and similar hardware gadgets.

One of the most important coworking space features are services like IT & Concierge Support that provide personalized support for your team regarding any IT-related concerns as well as provide you with daily administrative support. You are also provided with 100% Backup Power to ensure that you won’t receive any power interruptions while working. Aside from these, you can also expect pretty much any coworking space to offer the basics: fast Internet connection / WiFi, access to meeting rooms, and 24/7 security. But some offer additional perks, such as free snacks and drinks or even a full kitchen/pantry that people can use. This allows you not only to take a quick coffee break but rather to relax and really enjoy the pause, forgetting about professional duties for a while.

Regardless, if you’re debating between a few spaces, looking for extra perks could help you make your final decision.

Start Your Coworking Space Journey with ARCH Offices

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