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9 Ways a Virtual Office Address Can Make Your Business Grow

virtual office address

If you are a business owner who wants to start a flexible work setup, a virtual office address can give you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. 

More than eliminating the commute time and lower overhead costs, it also increases productivity and decreases the turnover rate as a result of overall satisfied employees. This is greatly beneficial, especially for startup companies. Many of them are operating with a tight budget. A virtual office can help cut down expenses while providing a professional atmosphere. Learn more in this article on how a virtual address can boost your business.

What is a Virtual Office Address?

If you built your business with remote employees without physical office space, a virtual office address would be ideal for you. 

A virtual office provides your business a physical address without the need for a long lease and capital investment. In a nutshell, it is where people and businesses wanting to connect with you can call, send a package or mail, and other office-related services. They have a receptionist and other staff to handle these transactions while you and your team are working remotely. 

Additionally, you can cut the time and effort spent when finding a great meeting place as it has conference rooms for your occasional use. 

How Can a Virtual Office Address Help Your Business Thrive?

There are approximately 653,736 companies in the US that are using virtual office solutions. Now, as the way companies do business continues to evolve, why would you consider getting a virtual office address? Below is a list of ways a virtual address can help your business grow:

1. An Office Address in a Prime Location Adds Legitimacy

No matter how many good reviews you have or how many achievements you got, companies would always prefer working with a business that has a physical address. It adds value to your brand, making it look more professional, law-abiding company, and convenient to work with. 

Another great thing about this is the fact that you get to choose the most ideal location — commonly in the central business district to create a good impression. Many businesses, when they lack capital costs or can’t find an available space in their preferred area, resort to a place where doing business isn’t ideal.

For instance, you’re looking for an internet service provider and you found one with an office in a crowded residential area, would you choose them over the others situated in the CBD? Probably not, right? Because the impression matters a lot. But with a virtual office, you get to have an address in a great location and spend less.

2. It Has a Dedicated Full-Time Virtual Receptionist to Help You

Decision-makers should invest time in the areas of the business that matters most. When you get a virtual office address,  they have a reliable virtual receptionist who will handle the calls, mails, deliveries, and many more for you. They are trained to handle calls from clients and be the best in the field. 

This lessens the day-to-day hassle and allows you to focus on the core of your business that drives growth and sustainability.

3. A Corporate Mailing Address Creates Impression

When you have a professional mailing address, it creates a significant positive impact on your business. Clients and other people know where to contact and transact with you. The on-site staff will receive and organize all the mails and packages delivered for you. 

If you are wondering how you can get them, you have the options. Simply discuss with your provider and agree on your preferred method. An example would be if it is a mail, they can scan and send it to you. 

4. Create a Personalized Voicemail Box to Communicate Clearly

A virtual office allows you to set up your preferred and personalized voicemail message for calls. This helps increase interaction with customers and also allows your business to communicate clearly with clients in times of your unavailability. 

5. Open Opportunities to Build Business Connections

Commonly, when you pay for a virtual address, it comes with access to the meeting rooms as well as the coworking space. An example of this is the service offered by ARCH Serviced Offices. Your monthly plan comes with 1-hour free access to a meeting room as well as 1-day free access to coworking space. Isn’t it great? 

Using this privilege may open more awesome opportunities for you and allows you to connect with other innovative decision-makers, who can also be a potential client.

6. Get Increased Business Authority with Multiple Locations

When you have a virtual address, you and your staff can work anywhere remotely. With this, you can also target more companies to get a partnership with. This is because you can always avail of a virtual office in multiple locations where you think is ideal — where most of your customers are, without breaking the bank. This seamless expansion into new cities can help you win clients as they will think that you are easily available for their business needs. 

7. Lower Your Overhead and Capital Investments

Choosing to have a virtual office address cut down some of the big expenses. Some of which are the office lease and maintenance costs. You get to pin your business to a premium office address without investing much.

In addition to these cost-savings, you can also save some from the secondary expenses such as employee special benefits like a parking pass, gas stipend, office attire, office supplies, and many more. 

It allows you to maximize your expenses on the more important business activities. 

8. Experience Flexibility and Easy to Set Up

Talking about flexibility? A virtual office can give it to you. You can sign up for a short-term plan for a month, depending on what your business needs. You can always extend or upgrade your plan anytime. Plus, a virtual office is easy to set up and easy to shut down as well without spending a lot compared to an actual office.

9. Provides Support to Increase Scalability

Having a virtual office is almost equivalent to getting admin staff to help and support you with your business in terms of some of the non-core tasks. Through them, you get to focus on what’s important for your business, no matter the size of your business. 

With proper strategies, determination, hard work, smart decision-making, you can scale up your business to any size even only having a virtual address without a physical office space. 

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the reasons why a virtual office address would be beneficial to businesses running virtually. Now, as a smart decision-maker, it’s your time to consider whether or not getting a virtual address could make your venture thrive. 

Just a thing to note: A virtual office can help you manage your business in simple ways — making some processes such as taking care of packages, mails, and calls easier for you. Adding up to it is it helps create a legitimate impression for your brand until such time that you fully embrace stability.

Exploring for a virtual office in the central business district? ARCH Serviced Offices can provide it for you. We have strategically-located office spaces in Makati CBD with meeting rooms and a dedicated receptionist you can count on. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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