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9 Tips on Choosing The Right Coworking Space That Benefits Productivity

9 tips on choosing the right coworking space that benefits productivity


The global pandemic has forced several companies in the city and all over the country to adopt alternative arrangements for working. Several companies have opted to move to coworking spaces in Chennai. They are looking to the future by moving away from traditional, more expensive office leases. Coworking spaces are proven to be advantageous on numerous levels, especially when compared to working from home. Through lockdown, many individuals started working longer hours and claimed more distractions while at home. Therefore, choosing the perfect workspace which increases employee productivity and overall satisfaction is imperative to ensure that the investment is worthwhile.   

The following are 9 Tips on Choosing the Right Coworking Space that Benefits Productivity. 


It is essential to factor in location, distance, and connectivity when choosing a coworking space in Chennai. Employees with long commuting times often find it stressful and energy draining. A study by VU University in the Netherlands on Long Commuting and Productivity indicated that long commuting times often resulted in employees arriving late or leaving early, thus significantly affecting productivity. Therefore, coworking spaces in several locations may be advantageous. It allows people to work remotely from the coworking space closest to them and increase productivity due to the minimum distance traveled.

Designed for Productivity

Consider a thoughtfully designed coworking space when choosing a suitable space for you. The attractiveness of the design may be appealing for some, but elements like natural light, foliage, high ceilings, and ventilation must not be overlooked. For example, a Workplace Wellness Study conducted by a research firm in New York found that employee satisfaction and productivity depended on workplace wellness, including environmental health like air and light. 

Comfortable Environment

Productivity increases when working in a comfortable environment. Several studies and surveys are carried out to determine the ideal setting for productivity. Maintaining a perfect temperature and utilizing ergonomic furniture are two aspects of a comfortable environment that must not go unnoticed. Coworking spaces that foster a comfortable work environment for their customers are looking to make lasting relationships. 


Most coworking spaces in Chennai offer a range of amenities like WiFi, charging points, printers, kitchen access, parking, valet services, meeting rooms, whiteboard, and projectors. Take the time to assess those amenities relevant to your organization and choose plans that encourage productivity and avoid disturbances and distractions.  


Unlike traditional working spaces, coworking spaces are usually designed to be flexible. Occupiers have the freedom to choose their desk to work at, time spent working, and mobility within the coworking space. A Workplace Environment Survey at Capital One found that 80% of their employees claimed higher productivity when they changed locations while working. So ensure that your plan includes flexibility. 


It is beneficial for all freelancers or small business owners looking for a coworking space in Chennai to learn about the individuals or organizations working at the exact location. Coworking spaces are infamous for encouraging collaboration and innovation. Therefore, prioritize coworking spaces that increase the potential of creating beneficial relationships with people who can improve your ability to do business better and increase productivity.   


On the one hand, collaboration can improve productivity through networking, while on the other hand, it can also prove to be a distraction. When looking for a coworking space, keep in mind productivity in terms of privacy. Each person works differently. The coworking space must have room for people who require alone time to increase productivity.


According to a study by the University of Berkley, 40% of the respondents claimed that noise made completing work difficult. Coworking spaces usually have rules regarding noise solely to increase focus and productivity. Noise can negatively impact concentration levels, productivity, and sometimes creativity. While some people thrive in such an environment, some are more productive in a quieter space. Choose a coworking space with rules on maintaining a certain level of sound for collaboration without disturbing those working around them. 

Fast Internet

For anyone working in the 21st century, high-speed internet is non-negotiable. There is nothing more frustrating than slow WiFi, which hinders the flow of work. It affects efficiency and productivity. It also creates an avenue for distraction. Ensure that the coworking space provides the best WiFi. Do the research necessary to determine the best WiFi available in that location.

Remember these tips when looking for the best coworking space in Chennai. Productivity is a crucial aspect of a professional’s life. People feel accomplished and valued when they are productive. Therefore, companies should invest time to determine the right location that can facilitate increased productivity. Irrespective of the length of time required to find the right place for you or your business, it will be worth the effort to assess the ideal location with the best return on investment. Finally, determine priorities for yourself and your employees to choose the coworking space that works best for you.  

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