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5 Ways BPOs Benefit from Serviced Offices

5 Ways BPOs Benefit from Serviced Offices

Ever wonder why BPO companies prefer renting serviced offices? Read on to find out.

The demand for office spaces in the Philippines is at a high due to the booming IT business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Tech companies such as Google and Uber are notably two of the biggest names to take up office space in the Philippines, the former occupying 18,000 square meters and the latter with 5,500 square meters. Experts say that more companies are expected to follow suit as the Philippines is seen as one of the most cost-effective and attractive destinations for BPOs and real estate investors in Asia.

Noticeable with these tech companies is that they don’t go for conventional offices but rather workspaces where creativity, collaboration, and innovation flourish. Serviced offices have evolved to offer this kind of work environment that BPOs have come to love and benefit from.

Here are 5 ways BPOs benefit from serviced offices:


1. They Save Money

Serviced offices offer friendlier rates that leave companies with more funds they can use for their other business needs. This is extremely helpful for companies who want to cut expenses or need to operate within a budget. The money needed for expensive rent or building their own office can instead be used hiring additional employees, offering more services, or marketing projects.

2. No Need to Buy Furniture and Office Equipment

BPO companies need not worry about purchasing office furniture as serviced offices complement the nature of their work by providing professional-looking furniture and the most modern office essentials like computers, fax machines, printers, and telephones. The company saves on time when moving in since everything is already in place and also save money by not needing to buy furniture and office equipment anymore.

3. They Have Access to a Support Staff

Hiring a trained staff not only requires a substantial amount of money but time as well. With serviced offices, companies are relieved of this problem since they provide a dedicated or shared receptionist, administrative support, telecom services, IT support, maintenance, and cleaning.

4. They Gain a Prestigious Address and Location

Having an office in a prestigious address in a prime location, close to major transportation hubs enhances a company’s professional reputation. It’s easier for BPO companies to attract more clients and the right talent by using serviced offices as they give off a successful perception that they’re doing well because they can afford a good location.

5. They’re in a Pleasant Work Environment

The workforce of today, most of them from BPO companies, have a new way of working – no to cubicles, unsightly walls, and dull ambiance. They prefer coworking spaces in the Philippines that are creative, innovative and encourage collaboration, which, fortunately, serviced offices now offer. No need to go outside just to take a breather or two, the dining, lounge and creative areas are perfect havens of relaxation and de-stressing. Add ideal illumination, hints of greenery, a modern and interesting setup, and you’ll definitely be inspired to go to work everyday.

Serviced offices are beneficial to all types of businesses because they present the perfect fusion of aesthetics and use, plus they cost less. They shouldn’t be thought of as a temporary space solution but rather the best answer to growing a business without the hassles of a managing conventional office.

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