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5 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Office Desk

5 simple ways to spruce up your office desk

Does the look of your office desk bore you? Adding a little pizzazz to it is easy.

In the office, your desk acts as your second home. For 8 hours in a day, it is yours, and so as its owner (though temporary) you must make it look the best it can. Not only will a beautiful, neat and organized desk look good in your eyes and in the eyes of others, but it will help enhance your productivity too.

Decorating your desk need not be costly or time-consuming. It just requires finding small, creative ways to make your work space feel more personal. Hard to believe? Check out the list below.

Here are 5 simple ways to spruce up your office desk:



1. Turn your Desk Wall into a Work of Art

We’re not talking about hanging small framed paintings of Da Vinci or Michelangelo here (although if that’s your thing and it will fit your desk’s wall then go for it), but print outs of colorful patterns, inspirational quotes or some cute cut outs are more than enough to enliven and add pizzazz to your workspace.

2. Ditch Excessive Pictures

Do you really need to fill your desk with several picture frames of your family, significant other, or your dog? We get it, you’re close. But too many picture frames on a desk is a no-no especially when you have a small desk. Just choose one picture that can best perk you up on a stressful day and place it on your favorite side of the desk.

3. Add Some Greenery

Decorating with plants or greenery is the easiest way to brighten up your desk and and make you feel accomplished every day (“Did I water it today? Yes? Check!”). Also, plants in the office have proven to reduce stress and sickness. If you’re worried that your gardening abilities aren’t up to par, try a low-maintenance variety, like succulents or tiny air plants which requires zero work.

4. Use a Desk Organizer

Clutter on your desk not only hinders your productivity but your style as well. Use a fun tray or a glammed up organizer to keep all of your papers, cards, paperclips (and washi tape of course!) all in one stylish storage piece. Here’s a money saving tip: recycle an old one from home and freshen it up with a coat of spray paint!

5. Get a Chair Pillow

Make your chair look more cool by adding a pillow that reflects your character or lifestyle. A pillow also provides you comfort by providing support on your back or something soft and cuddly to hug, especially when the office gets a little too cold.

The goal of sprucing up your desk is to create the right mindset and motivation to work. It doesn’t have to be glaringly stylish like a lifestyle blogger’s desk, but simply fill it with things you actually want to be looking at. It will help you work and feel better!

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