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5 Signs of a Bad Serviced Office


Not all serviced offices here in the Philippines are alike. Some only look good on the surface.

Every business needs an office. Be it big or small, private or shared, what’s fundamental is that the surroundings are not only fit for purpose and support the employees need but that it is also comfortable, aesthetically appealing and welcoming environment. In fact, the way office spaces are built today, much importance is given to how it impacts the performance of employees.  As good old Winston Churchill himself said: ” We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

It just makes perfect sense that business owners prefer serviced offices rather than conventional offices because they are functional, well-designed and offer friendlier rates. But not all serviced offices are alike, while some are beneficial, there are some that only look the part. How do you tell the good from the bad? Watch the video below to find out.




A bad serviced office space can be the downfall of your business, so better avoid it. Allot the time and effort in finding the right office space and not just blow your money away to an office that screams “Look at my nice office.” Instead, look for an office that best suits your business needs and is designed to inspire your employees to be their most productive.

A serviced office gives your business a multitude of advantages. What are you waiting for? Move in to ARCH OFFICES today!

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