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5 Reasons Your Business Should Rent a Coworking Space in Makati


Have you ever wondered how different your business would be like based on the type of office and location you choose to move in to?

Traditional office spaces are fast being blown over by modern, functional and affordable workspaces known as coworking spaces. This comes as no surprise because who would want to come to work everyday to an old building, see uninspiring blank or dull-colored walls and sit in a cubicle, if there’s a better alternative. The truth is, people welcome the coming of a new office set-up, especially one that offers a lot of benefits.

Startups and small companies are delighted that coworking spaces are emerging from major cities in the metro, particularly in Makati. Their sights are set in this city because it’s bustling, people are always on the go, cars, and buses dominate the streets, bright lights are everywhere, it’s like being in New York City. For businesses, setting up an office in this progressive city is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Here are 5 reasons your business should rent a coworking space in Makati:


1. Conducive Work Setting

Coworking spaces in Makati, such as Arch Offices, are usually just a stone’s throw away from home as a multitude of condominiums and apartments are available for rent. No need to get up very early in the morning to avoid the traffic. You can take your time doing your morning routine or better yet take a few more minutes to sleep. You can then walk your way to work, saving money from transportation and getting a bit of exercise as well.

2. Accessible to Everything You Need

Need to buy some office materials or equipment? Craving for some Italian food or maybe see a movie with your officemates after a long day at work? Makati is home to a number of malls where you can shop, dine, and hang out to your heart’s content. You won’t feel the day’s grind as much because there’s always something to look forward to.

3. Discipline is Prevalent

Discipline is a sign of progress and Makati exemplifies this best through its strict observance of traffic rules and the overall safety of the community. Public utility vehicles like jeepneys and buses have pickups and drop zones to maintain the smooth flow of traffic, and as for community safety, policemen and barangay officials can be seen on-site making their rounds.

4. Fitness is Encouraged

Fit employees bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day, which means more productivity and better team players. From fitness centers and activity hubs to recreational spots and parks surrounding the city, Makati has made it easy to break a sweat.

5. Prime Business Address

A coworking space in Makati not only provides a physical workplace, but a prime business address to present to your clients, a business phone number, and access to meeting rooms if ever you have some clients visiting. If you want clients to take a second look at your business, renting a coworking space in Makati is the answer.

The “shared” office model continues to rise in popularity in Makati because of the awesome benefits listed above. In addition, there are more opportunities for individual expression, creativity, and collaboration – ingredients that help push businesses to new heights.

Looking for a modern and functional office in Makati? Contact us now and we’ll help you get started!

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