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5 Reasons You’ll Easily Fall In Love With Arch Offices


Arch Offices has certain aspects that one can’t help but fall in love with. Discover them in this article.

Wooden desks, mesh chairs, desktop computers, and fluorescent lights comprise a traditional office. More often than not, entrepreneurs are fine with renting a traditional office because not only does it work but it also costs fittingly.

However, not all entrepreneurs think alike. Cost saving is a priority but it should not be to the extent of yielding comfort and aesthetics which help improve the productivity and overall morale of the employees. At Arch, we believe an office doesn’t need posh furniture and fancy decorations for an office to stand out. It’s a matter of organizing the layout so that it’s distinctly aesthetic, approachable and inspiring.

Here are 5 reasons you’ll easily fall in love with Arch Offices: 


1. Ideal Illumination

Lighting is an important element in an office. At Arch, we have lighting that is free of harsh contrasts and distracting glare. More importantly, we let a good amount of sunshine in the most frequently occupied work areas through our big windows. This lighting set up helps employees to work more productively, lower vision-related problems and bring a nice ambiance to the workplace.

2. Greenery at the Right Spots

It’s common knowledge adding a touch of green to the workspace carries proven wellness benefits, from boosting productivity and purifying the air to even being a source of peaceful contemplation during a hectic day. We’re careful not to overstuff the place with pots of plants though, so what we did is a seamlessly incorporate a number of small and medium plants in specific areas like the lounge, desk corners and pantry, splendidly enlivening the workplace.

3. Modern and Smartly Decorated

The interior design of the office should project a professional image while also making a statement about its goals and culture. If it’s done well. it can make it look and feel like home wherein employees will be encouraged to come to work. If not, it can make things unpleasant and dreary. Inside Arch, urban inspiration greets you at every turn with weathered brick walls, the framed artistry that shows glimpses of Seattle – a city that resonates well with what we foster and uphold as a business, pots of greenery and exposed ceilings. No clutter, no eyesore, just a refreshing and inviting setting all over.

4. Engrossing Work Space

Unlike serviced offices, traditional offices don’t offer much when it comes to providing employees with a stimulating workplace. Serviced offices make it a point to create positive work environments to make employees feel good about coming to work, and provide motivation to get them through tough days. The concept is prevalent at Arch with workspaces designed to impart a sense of focus, clarity, and inspiration to help people get things done. More than the color of the walls, or how many plants are in the office, people get to know each other and build new relationships through get-together lunches, team games, and other bonding activities.

5. Breaks the Routine

There’s a saying that goes “out with the old, in with the new”. An office that tries to make old methods work in a new set up is simply wasting its time. Just imagine a modern and impressively designed new office filled with cubicles – the concept, as well as the mood, is blemished. Keeping abreast with the modern times, Arch has hints of modernity all over the office that shake up the routinary to keep things interesting but not to a point of causing a distraction. A good example of this is the hipster bike that hangs on the wall of the common room, it conveys a cool vibe while showing an ingenious way to save space, not to mention a great conversation piece while having lunch.

A lot of offices out there do their best to be posh or fancy (which is why they all seem to look alike) just to get the attention or approval of potential clients. Of course, this is the main goal of Makati office spaces for rent, but it’s best to remember that it’s not all about the looks. Great importance is also given to business relationship and overall service. Arch Offices’ edge lies in that it has incorporated form and function to its workspaces in perfect equilibrium – a winning set up for the business-minded.

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