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5 Reasons Why You Should ‘Not’ Rent an Office Space in Makati

5 Reasons Why You Should 'Not' Rent an Office Space in Makati

Makati is the city that resonates the most prestige and allure to businesses, although it may not be for every entrepreneur.

When it comes to the most prestigious and thriving cities in Metro Manila, Makati is right on top of the list. Here is where top local and foreign companies are headquartered in tall skyscrapers, long roads are busy almost the whole day and people are always on-the-go. Indeed, Makati has made progress in leaps and bounds and shows no signs of slowing down.

Surprisingly, there are still entrepreneurs who are not that impressed with what Makati offers. They would not want to spend a single minute of their time or a cent of their money in Makati. If you’re one of them, it’s okay. Makati might not be for every entrepreneur. We even made a list of the possible reasons why you would say NO to Makati.

Here are 5 reasons why you should ‘not’ rent an office space in Makati:


1. You want your clients and employees to suffer

The location of your office is important since this is where clients are going to be visiting to conduct business, and where your employees will be working. You don’t want these people to have a hard time locating and getting to your office, do you? If your office does not offer site and travel convenience like serviced offices in Makati do, then don’t count on your business to last.

2. You don’t care about accessibility to the needs of your business

Every now and then your office will run out of paper, ink or encounter trouble with office equipment. Your hard working staff may want to hang out, watch a movie or eat Italian food after office hours. You’ll find that all these needs are accessible in Makati as offices are near malls, office supply centers and repair shops. But if you feel that your business will never ever run out of office supplies or that your staff doesn’t have a life after office hours, then Makati isn’t for you.

3. You want a chaotic surrounding for your business

Disorder and confusion in a city are signs of an unhealthy environment. The sight of cars speeding, public utility vehicles stopping to pick and drop passengers anywhere they like, and law officers missing insight can make a client or employee think twice of going to your office. In Makati, all these chaotic scenarios are non-existent as discipline and order are prevalent. But if you prefer a little danger, then Makati is not the city for you.

4. You abhor a healthy and fit lifestyle

You should care about the health of your employees as employees who are fit bring their A-game to work everyday. They’re more productive and possess a positive attitude. Makati has a multitude of gyms, fitness centers and recreational parks where you and your staff can burn those unwanted fats and calories. There’s no excuse not to get healthy and fit in Makati. But if you prefer a laid-back and boring city, then renting an office space in Makati isn’t for you.

5. An address is just numbers to you

A prestigious business address is important because it creates a good impression. It adds to your business’ credibility by projecting a successful image. Makati is known as the business and financial center of the Philippines for a reason. It has the highest concentration of multinational and local corporations in the country. Major banks, corporations, department stores, and foreign embassies are based in Makati. If you want to attract the right kind of employees and clients, Makati is the ideal city to set up an office. But if you have no regard to the benefit of an illustrious city, then Makati isn’t for you.

Some entrepreneurs see Makati as a city of opportunities, while some see it as a city of hype. One thing is for sure, setting up an office in Makati or a coworking space in Manila gives you an edge over your competitors. Just keep in mind that the city will only work for you if you do your part as well.

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