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5 Easy Ways to be Super Productive in the Office

5 easy ways to be super productive in the office

Feeling unproductive at work lately? Don’t worry, you can turn things around. The best part is, it’s easy!

First, let’s make one thing clear, busy doesn’t mean productive. If you think that multi-tasking in the office makes you a productive employee, think again. All you’re actually doing is shifting back and forth between tasks which isn’t all that efficient.
Second, staying for long hours in the office doesn’t mean you’re productive either. In fact, it could just mean that a task is taking too long for you to complete or that you have a deadline to beat.

Face it, although you like your job it’s hard to hit the floor perky and productive every single day. Well, we’ve got news for you, being more productive at work isn’t rocket science. It’s actually simple and very doable.

Here are 5 easy ways to be super productive in the office:



1. Start with a Superb Morning Routine

Mornings are important for they set the tone for the entire day. Set the stage for a great day by starting with a productive morning routine. Have a good night sleep, eat a full, healthy breakfast, break a sweat (a 15-minute cardio will do), dress up nicely, and fill your mind with positivity.

2. Plan Out Your Day

Plan out your day before it begins to help keep you focused and on track throughout the day. Get to your desk 15 minutes early so you can write down your tasks for the day. Don’t start with the easiest or most liked tasks, instead start off with the hardest, most important task to ensure you get it done.

3. Don’t Let Emails Take Control

Stop reading every email as it lands in your inbox. Check for messages only at set intervals – once in the morning, once just after lunch and once late afternoon. This will allow you to stay focused and get things done.

4. Take Short Breaks

Work is stressful and taking a short break, whether it’s a walk around the block, a run to the nearby coffee shop, reading a magazine or a chat with a colleague, can make a big difference in your performance. It’s because the more hours you spend working without taking a break, the more likely your productivity diminishes as your body and mind simply cannot produce anymore.

5. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking might seem like the best way to get all of your tasks done but it’s only efficient on the surface. It actually hurts your productivity than helps it because what you’re really doing is task-switching- which is just moving very quickly and ineffectively between tasks.

If you feel the need to improve your productivity at work, seek ways to improve your focus, make a few small changes here and be more deliberate about how you manage your time. Keep in mind that the goal is to work smarter, not harder.

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