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5 Business Services to Look for in a Serviced Office

5 Business Services to Look for in a Serviced Office

There are a number of things to be on the lookout for in a serviced office in Manila to ensure the best value for money and experience from using it.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, finding an office space in a good location for a good price is never easy. It’s a hassle that can be downright frustrating and lead to settling for an office space for lease in Makati that doesn’t really suit their business needs.

Fortunately, serviced offices are sprouting far and wide in booming cities of the metro to answer the ideal office space dilemma as they allow businesses of any size to establish their presence in the capital with a lot less risk. The fault with some business owners is that they’re either unaware of the services a serviced office provides or they think they are all alike.

Here are 5 business services to look for in a serviced office:


1. High-Speed Internet Connection & Support

This one doesn’t come as a shocker especially nowadays that the majority of serviced offices come with dedicated fiber optic broadband to keep companies constantly connected. Don’t forget to also check to see if they offer an on-site technical support team who can help you should any issues arise with your computer system or internet connection.

2. Meeting Room

Whatever type of business you have, it’s important to have a convenient space where you can get your team together to bond or brainstorm, and to meet with clients; whether it be as-needed or walk-in basis. Make sure that the meeting room is designed and furnished to project the image of a successful business and comes with all the latest audio/visual equipment.

3. 24/7 Access

A lot of serviced offices in Manila offer 24/7 access because they understand that smaller businesses and start-ups tend to work flexible hours and often need to put in extra hours at the weekend. Check to see if the building is always open and if the office door operates on a key card system for security purposes.

4. Receptionist

Having a professional staff to greet your guests on arrival, help prepare for a special presentation, answer phone calls, receive mail and messages ensures your business runs smoothly and saves you time. Ask if this service requires additional payment or if it’s included in the package.

5. Cleaning

You never have to worry about keeping everything spic and span as serviced offices clean the office either on a daily or weekly basis. We all know that a clean desk is a happy desk, and boosts work productivity.

Choose a serviced office that fulfills your basic requirements and anything over and above this will be a welcome bonus. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, even going to the most minute details, to be 100% clear of the services they provide. Remember that the right serviced office can be your best ally in achieving your business goals.

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