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5 Best Morning Routines for a More Productive You

Mornings don’t have to be rough.  Here are 5 morning routines to win it. 

Let’s be honest, everyone wishes they could stay in bed a bit longer. Yes, even morning people have this hidden desire. The reality is we all have to get up and move our butts since we all have something important to do for the day. If CEOs of big, successful companies are still waking up at 5 every morning so they can get to the office by 9 a.m. to manage the overall operation of their companies, then shouldn’t you do the same?

You’ll be happy to know that the answer is a big NO. Surprised? Don’t be. We all start the morning differently. Some choose to hop online to check up on email or social media , while others hastily eat breakfast, exercise or pack lunches for the kids. It’s just a matter of how efficiently you make use of the time you have. Nevertheless, there are routines that ensure you get the most out of your mornings.

Here are 5 best morning routines for a more productive you:


1. Start in the Evening

Benjamin Franklin once said “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Preparing the clothes you’ll wear, the things you’ll bring and your lunch or snack in the evening will give you a head start and make your mornings much easier. Doing these tasks in the morning may seem simple enough, but making too many decisions (what color of suit or dress to wear, what items to bring, what food to pack) will slow you down and drain your brain for the rest of the day.

2. Get that Worm

Get up at the right time…YOUR TIME. You know very well how long it takes you to do your morning rituals such as preparing breakfast, taking a shower, packing things for work, etc. If you feel you need to get up earlier than your usual time because you have to pick up your laundry on your way to work, or it’s raining cats and dogs outside and you expect heavy traffic, then have the willpower to do so. Also, train yourself not to hit the snooze button, five minutes on the snooze can either make or break your day.

3. Revel in the Morning’s Beauty

The digital world has engulfed our way of life in such a way that we always feel the need to be connected, even in the early hours of the morning. Watching television while eating breakfast or texting or talking on the phone while putting on work clothes can lead to two things: move at a slower pace or get distracted and forget more important things to do. So, instead of your eyes glued to glass panels, take the opportunity to enjoy the morning’s quiet, the sweet aroma of coffee, your wife’s loving embrace and your kids’ heartwarming smiles. Take it all in because in a few hours the day’s madness will be creeping in.

4. Eat Healthy

Our moms have repeatedly told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Admit it, she was 100% right on that one. Research has proven that a big, healthy breakfast does everything from boosting your mental power to getting you in better shape. Plus, not eating breakfast causes you to be sleepy. So, don’t be stubborn, moms (and researchers) know best. Eat up a hearty breakfast!

5. Get Your Sweat On

There’s not enough time and I’ll be too tired when I get to work are the most common excuses you’ll hear when the topic of exercising in the morning is brought up. On the contrary, breaking a sweat need not take long, a 10 minute cardio workout can burn up to 100 calories. As for thinking you may be too too tired for work after exercising, exerting yourself in the a.m. will actually leave you feeling more energized, awake and with an improved mood.

Good morning habits help set the tone and your attitude for the day. So make it a point to be in control of your actions, keep your eyes on the prize, and you’ll surely be rewarded with a productive day.

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