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5 Advantages of a Serviced Office That Startups Love


Discover why serviced offices are emerging as a business housing option for many startups and small companies nowadays.

There comes a time when startups need to spread their wings and fly away to a new nest to move their business forward. The space they occupied before, either their homes or the small set-up spaces in coffee shops, are no longer adequate to fit the needs of their businesses. It’s a daunting decision to make, but a must if they wish for their business to grow.

A startup that’s looking for a new office to rent essentially needs three things: a prime address to give it the perception of a successful company, a sizable office space for comfort and flexibility, and the technology to back up its operations. However, these could mean paying a higher rent which can be a little harsh on their finances. Fortunately, there’s a type of office space that offers many benefits without being too costly – SERVICED OFFICES.

Here are 5 advantages of a serviced office that startups love:


1. No Wasted Time When Moving

Moving to an new office takes a considerable amount of time and manpower, but with a serviced office, everything is already set up. From desks and chairs along with other office equipment to communications systems (telephones and internet) and supplies, everything is in place and ready to use.

2. Access to High-quality Equipment and Staff

A substantial amount of money is required when hiring a trained staff and purchasing high-quality equipment. Not only will you have to pay extra wages, but you’ll also have to dish out money on equipment as well. Serviced offices relieve you of this financial headache as they provide all the necessities of an office for the benefit and convenience of the tenant. This means that receptionists and other services are already provided.

3. Maintenance and Cleaning are Off your Worries

Has the coffee machine stopped working? Is your office chair broke? Maybe your desk space needs a good cleaning. No need to fork out money for situations like these as they will be taken care of by the office as part of the rental agreement. Serviced offices want you to focus on your business rather than be bothered with small dilemmas.

4. The Opportunity to Expand

Flexibility is an important aspect for startups in choosing an office. This allows the company to scale up when business is good and scale down when it is bad. Moreover, serviced offices are often available on short-term contracts, such as monthly, giving the tenant freedom over their stay in the space.

5. Build a Professional and Successful Image

It’s obvious that an office with a prime address reflects a better image to clients. It creates a successful perception that the company is on the up an up because it can afford a good location. In many cases, clients make decisions strictly based on perception.

Startups and small companies need not think twice when deciding to rent a serviced office. It allows them to be in a most-desired location without breaking the bank, and furthermore, the transition of moving into a new office runs smoothly as all your business needs are ready for use. Now isn’t that a sweet deal.

Are you a startup looking for a new coworking space in Manila to move in to? Contact us now and we’ll help you get started on your way to a better office experience.

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