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4 Important Things To Consider Before Choosing a Serviced Office

Do you have the intention of renting a serviced office for your business? Reading this article will help you make a decision.

Imagine your business set up in a premium business space. It would mean more potential customers and job seekers as having a business address in a premium location gives the perception of a successful, confident and professional company. We know what you’re thinking, a premium business space means you’d have to shell out a big amount of money for rent. You don’t need to, not anymore. You can now turn this dream into a reality, thanks to the growing number of serviced offices situated in prime locations such as Makati.

If you’re seriously considering renting a serviced office space, there are things that you must ponder on to help you arrive at a decision you won’t regret in the future. We’ve compiled a list to help you through it.

Here are 4 important things to consider before choosing a serviced office:



1. Type of Workspace

If you’re looking for a convenient workspace solution for your business, a serviced office is the answer. You can move into an open work area, a private room, or occupy a whole floor, depending on the number of people your business needs to accommodate. You can focus strictly on running your business as furnishings, security, maintenance, utilities and other services are managed on your behalf.

2. Location

Probably the most important thing to consider when looking to move your business is a location. The location of the office must be in a thriving and modern area where different business centers, transport hubs, and lifestyle and entertainment spots are accessible. The right location can also help boost your business’ prestige.

3. Functionality

Functionality is the most important feature of good office design. Employees would prefer reliable or modern to an unusual or quirky workplace environment accessorized with slides, bean bags, hammocks, sleep pods and the like. The key to functionality is a balance between aesthetics and use. Serviced offices are best at this as they offer a professional and creative working environment in which employees can be their most productive.

4. Cost

Renting a serviced office can help you save on cost since they offer friendlier rates. A serviced office doesn’t require upfront payments, other than a deposit. Tenants receive an invoice with a fixed fee that covers the cost of rent, services, as well as additional extras on a monthly basis.

Serviced offices are becoming the more preferred type of office because they are flexible, cost-effective and a convenient alternative to the conventional office. And in today’s ever-changing and competitive global marketplace, these three features can help drive your business forward.

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