How to Have a Safe In-Person Meeting During the Pandemic

Virtual meetings are great during the pandemic to keep everyone safe, however, there are just things that are better done in an in-person meeting. It may sound like the perfect opportunity for the virus to transmit — unless you take extra care and keep in mind the necessary precautions to prioritize the health and safety of your team. But how to have a safe in-person meeting during a pandemic? 

Having everyone together in the same room at times for a face-to-face meeting is extremely beneficial. However, since we are amidst a pandemic, there are important things to note to ensure that you are not compromising the health of your team. Let’s take a closer look at some points we should take into consideration.

6 Tips to Hold an In-Person Meeting Amidst Pandemic

Now that we are aware of how the virus is being transmitted from one person to another, we can now hold an in-person meeting when necessary as long as we observe and comply with the COVID-19 safety protocols and precautionary measures. 

Here are a few ideas on how you can still hold a safe in-person meeting during the pandemic:

1. Avoid Busy Hours When Setting a Meeting Schedule

One of the first things to consider is the schedule of the meeting. Select the most appropriate time for everyone, but make sure to avoid the busy times, especially if you are in the central business district. These are the hours when many people are going here and there such as the regular start and after-office hours as well as lunch breaks.

Aside from preventing each of the meeting members to be stuck in the traffic, the main purpose of this to for all of you to avoid the crowd. Getting contact with many people in public transportation, elevators, and other locations, especially enclosed areas can be a reason for the virus to spread even more. So it is best to schedule your meeting in hours when people are staying in place, busy working or doing important activities.

2. Make Sure Everyone Wears a Face Mask

This is one of the basic safety protocols to prevent the COVID-19 virus transmission. The participants of the meeting surely have their own already as you cannot go out nowadays without a face mask. However, it is always best to be ready. Prepare some face masks when having an in-person meeting in case someone needs them. 

Moreover, encourage attendees to still wear their face masks while the meeting is ongoing by repeatedly sharing reminders to cover their faces with well-fitting masks to keep everyone safe. Although it does not totally eliminate the transmission, studies have shown that wearing masks consistently and properly helps protect the person wearing them as well as the people around them. 

3. Disinfect Shared Spaces and All the Materials

To lessen the possibilities of virus transmission when having an in-person meeting, aside from encouraging everyone to always wear face masks, it is also recommended to regularly disinfect the areas you will commonly use inside the meeting room as well as all the materials that each of you will get into contact with every session.

It’s a great idea to observe proper hygiene too. Encourage the attendees to regularly wash their hands and use sanitizers, especially after touching materials and surfaces. Place hand sanitizers in different areas of the room. Another option is to provide each of them with a small bottle of sanitizer. Also, as much as possible, remind everyone to avoid touching their face. 

4. Observe Social Distancing

One way to make sure that social distancing will still be practiced during your in-person meeting is by arranging the chairs at least a meter away from each other. Double-check too if seats are facing directly one another so you can remove the other side. Set it up like a zigzag. This is also a way to let the attendees know that social distancing will strictly be observed inside the meeting room. 

When choosing a meeting venue, make sure that there is plenty of space to avoid bumping on each other as well as to ensure that there will be enough space to set up the seats following the recommended distance. This arrangement also allows the meeting participants to go to their seats and exit any time without coming close to the other attendees.

5. Leverage Technology

The use of technology can also help prevent the virus from spreading. We can use it not just for remote meetings or virtual meetings, but also for in-person meetings. For instance, since a spacious room is recommended, instead of making each of the participants raise their voices to be heard by everyone in the room,  which can increase the chances of spreading the virus, provide a desk microphone to everyone. Make sure none of them will share. And take note to disinfect the microphones before and after use. 

Another way to maximize the use of technology for a safe in-person meeting is to use meeting software to share screens. Avoid crowding around a single computer. Integrate a software or an app that allows you to share screens like TeamViewer or a presentation screen in front. You can also do both, especially if there are participants who cannot properly see what’s being flash on the big screen in front. This will help keep everyone in their respective seats.

6. Choose a Meeting Place that Complies with COVID-19 Safety Protocols

One of the most important things on your to-dos pipeline is choosing a meeting place where you will not worry too much about the safety of every participant, one that complies with the COVID-19 protocols and precautionary measures. And public places like cafes aren’t a part of the choices.

You can look for private meeting places you can rent for a day or two like ARCH Offices located in the Makati central business district that offer flexible plans. We have a safe office that complies with the COVID-19 safety protocols with regular disinfection of all the areas and materials. Our spacious office spaces allow you to practice social distancing.

If you want to hold a safe in-person meeting with no hassle, ARCH Offices got your back! When you choose us, you can just do your thing and go. We will take care of the rest like disinfection, arranging of seats, and other precautionary measures to make sure that you and your team will have a successful, safe, and productive in-person meeting at one of our meeting spaces. Get in touch with us today to know more about our flexible workspace solutions. 

Private Office vs. Coworking Space: Which One to Choose?

Here at ARCH Offices, we offer both Private Office and Coworking Space to provide you with options that can make a huge difference in the way you work. But how do you choose the most appropriate workspace solution for you and your team? Find out in this article which among private office and coworking space suits you best.

Key Takeaways

  • The private office is ideal for start-ups and small businesses with five to a little over a hundred employees while the coworking space is the best choice for freelancers, solopreneurs, or individuals who want to take a break from their regular workplace.
  • Both private offices and coworking spaces have flexible pricing plans.
  • Using a serviced office facility is more economical than renewing your lease contract during the pandemic.
  • You can find most of the serviced office facilities in prime locations, giving you easy access to malls, restaurants, gyms, and many more.

What is a Private Office?

A private office is an enclosed, lockable room within a serviced office facility designed to provide your team privacy.

If you’re not yet financially ready to lease a corporate space, renting a private office is a budget-friendly option. All you have to pay for is the floor area you’re using instead of the entire facility. Another advantage is its flexible month-to-month pricing plans. This means you’re not tied to a long-term contract (e.g., six months to one year).

With its affordable costs, you can enjoy other amenities within the serviced office such as break-out areas, pantry, conference rooms, and office pods. Each private office is fully furnished and comes with a regular cleaning service so all you have to worry about is getting your job done.

Private offices guarantee you a quiet, confidential, and secure workspace which is especially helpful if you’re very particular with information security.

This is ideal for start-ups and small businesses with five to a little over a hundred employees.

What comes in with a private office?

  • Biometric security
  • Ergonomic office desks and chairs
  • Filing cabinets
  • Secure lockers
  • Internet connection
  • Cleaning services
  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary refreshments

The benefits

  • 24/7 security
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • All-day access
  • Fully furnished
  • Better team collaboration
  • Budget-friendly
  • Month-to-month agreements
  • Access to common areas within the service office facility like pantry and conference rooms

The downsides

  • Costs higher vs. coworking space
  • Unsuitable for those who like open-plan offices

Looking for a private office in Makati? Maybe this is the one you’ve been looking for

What is a Coworking Space?

A coworking space is an open-plan office that you can share with other freelancers, solopreneurs, small teams, or individuals who just want to take a break from their regular work setup. It’s the perfect place if you want to retreat from the feeling of isolation and distractions at home.

With coworking spaces, you can experience the familiar corporate office vibes but with a calmer and picturesque atmosphere. Its modern interior is designed to spark creativity and enhance productivity. Moreover, it uses ergonomic furniture to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the day.

There’s a high chance that you’ll meet several professionals and business-minded individuals from different fields. This allows you to socialize and expand your network during your free time. All of you have access to common areas like pantry, breakout rooms, and office pods so you can take your time in those places to get to know other people.

To get access to the coworking area, you just have to pay a daily or monthly fee. You can pop-in whenever you want and work for as long as you want to. You’re also free to choose any open seat as your workstation.

What comes in with a coworking space?

  • Access card
  • Ergonomic office desk and chair
  • Internet connection
  • Cleaning services
  • Air conditioning
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Secure lockers (available for monthly plans; small additional fee for daily plans)

The benefits

  • Available for use any time of the day
  • Access to any open seat
  • Access to common areas within the service office facility like pantry and conference rooms
  • Budget-friendly, pay on a daily or monthly basis
  • Get a chance to expand your network
  • Free from the usual home distractions

The downsides

  • Doesn’t give you the same privacy vs. private office
  • Locker have an additional fee if you choose the daily plan
  • Unsuitable if you’re into 100% privacy and confidentiality

Looking for a coworking space in Makati? See if this one fits your preference.

Private Office vs Coworking Space: Which One Should You Choose?

Torn between a private office and a coworking space? We’ve enumerated its main differences to help you decide.

  • If you’re working on confidential projects, a private office is your best bet. But if you’re not very particular about it (securing your laptop is enough), a coworking space will do.
  • The private office is ideal for small to medium-sized companies while the coworking space is good for freelancers, solopreneurs, and individuals who just need to get away from their common workplace.
  • Choosing the private office entitles you to a dedicated work area. Meanwhile, a coworking space gives you the flexibility to choose any available workstation.
  • There are fewer distractions in a private office since you have your own room. Coworking spaces may have more distractions (people walking back and forth, etc.) Try to minimize your movements and noise as much as possible to respect other people who are sharing the space with you.
  • Both private offices and coworking spaces have flexible plans. Choose what works best for you.

Taking a tour can also help you decide which one to choose. Check out the available serviced office facilities in your area to learn more.  

Serviced Office Facilities in the New Normal

The global health crisis has forced many companies to consider restructuring their work arrangements. Remote working, which was considered before as a privilege granted by forward-thinking companies to their employees, has now become a part of the new normal.

Even after the government has lifted the majority of community lockdowns, many still maintained the work from home arrangement to ensure their employees’ safety against the deadly COVID-19.  

It only means that many companies are not maximizing their office space at this moment, not to mention the overhead costs they need to pay such as maintenance fees and electricity and water bills. Instead of renewing your lease contract, getting a space in a serviced office that adheres to COVID-19 protocols and safety precautions might be more economical. 

If your start-up or small business has less than 100 employees, you can save more by choosing a serviced office facility that you can rent on a daily or monthly basis. It can fit your flexible working arrangement better than having your own office.

Whether you simply want to catch up in person, hold face-to-face meetings, or finish crucial projects together, there’s always a suitable space for you. The best thing about it? You don’t have to worry about maintenance and cleaning expenses. Located in prime locations, you’ll also have access to the same amenities you have in a typical office. Just go there, get your job done, and that’s it.

Your Go-To Serviced Office at the Heart of Makati

Looking for a private office or a coworking space in the Central Business District? Arch Serviced Offices has it ready for you! Our front desk and onsite technical support are available 24/7 to assist you with your concerns. Contact us to know more about our innovative office spaces.

20 Best Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers this 2021

Preparing for Valentine’s Day can be stressful, especially if you have no idea what to give to the special people in your life such as your coworkers who are always there to help you with your tasks. When it comes to them, don’t just settle for anything less. If you are still torn on what to offer, we have narrowed down for you the list of creative, lovely, and unique Valentine gift ideas.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You might be asking yourself right now what the most ideal and smart Valentine gift ideas are for this year. The following items under various categories might help you decide and land on the best present for your coworkers:

Gift Ideas for Motivation

1. Inspirational Books

Celebrating Valentine’s Day this year will be different because of the pandemic. Outdoor activities are limited and many actions are restricted. Although it’s almost been a year since the community quarantine started, some are still emotional about the impacts of the pandemic. Because of this, inspiring your coworkers through simple things like an inspirational book they could read would greatly help. Bookworms, without a doubt, will surely appreciate it!

Check out interesting books here

2. Wall Art

When you want to go with this, you have two options: first is to buy from a gallery the type of art you think the receiver will love. The second is to create your own art that can make your coworkers be motivated whenever they see it. Frankly, the second choice is better. However, if you have doubts about your artistic side, you can go with the first. But remember that to the people who have a genuine heart, even simple things can be extraordinary as long as it’s from you. 

Here’s a store suggestion if you have decided to buy a wall art:

3. Flower Delivery Subscription

It’s not every day that your coworkers receive flowers. This is your chance to make them feel loved and remembered. Get them a few months of subscription to a flower delivery service. Anyone who would receive flowers, no matter what their gender is, age, and other things to consider, would love to have it.

If you are looking for a flower delivery store to subscribe to, check this out:

4. Graze Board 

Bring your creativity all out for this. Yes, every day feels like a special day, but Valentine’s Day is an exceptional day to everyone — a time to make the people around you feel remembered and extra special. Prepare a special grazing board for your coworkers for a job well done to motivate them to keep on giving their best on work. But instead of a board, put it in a box or an enclosed food tray. Just a tip, load the board with all of the favorite food of your coworkers, partner it with wine or spirits, and have it delivered right to their doorstep.

valentine gift ideas graze board

Learn how to make a grazing board here

5. Gift Certificate

Being away from your colleagues this hearts day doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot give them gifts. Many platforms have arisen to help you reach them. And did you know that nowadays, even gift certificates can be purchased and given as gifts virtually? Yes, you read it right. Keep their motivations high by rewarding them this VDay with a GC from one of their favorite stores.

If you want to learn more about how it works, visit this link

6. Monthly App Subscription

The only challenge here is choosing which app to give them a subscription to. But working together for quite some time surely gave you an idea that could lead you to the best choice. For a movie lover, the app named Netflix would be perfect while for music lovers, Spotify would be ideal. But if you think none of the two sounds great, you can search online for other applications available. 

This link can help you explore more applications to choose from

Gift Ideas for Eco-Friendly Coworkers

7. Zero Waste Shampoo and Conditioner

With all the negativities in the world these past few months, Don’t you think it’s time we do something different? Many people would again exchange gifts this VDay, leaving a lot of wastes. As much as possible, avoid having lots of waste as we celebrate the season of hearts this 2021. These zero waste shampoo and conditioner would help you shift into being quite eco-friendly!

Valentine gift ideas zero waste shampoo and conditioner

Want to go zero waste in your Valentine gifts this 2021? Try these unique products here

8. Heart Plant

The pandemic made many of us plant lovers just to get off the boredom of staying indoors, but mostly to do something positive for the environment. So giving your workmates a heart plant this hearts day can make them feel valued. Plus, its shape says it all.

If you have decided to have this as your gift to them, here’s a quick suggestion of where you can buy some:

9. Wooden Picture Frame

Happy memories just never get old. And since nowadays, we take pictures of some of the special things we do, give your coworkers a special frame for the photos you have. Wooden ones aren’t necessary, but they just give this retrospective feeling.

Here are some wooden picture frames you might love:

Decorative Gift Ideas

10. Photo Heart Collage

Trying to find something creative? This might be the one you’re looking for. Compile all your fun photos together and edit them to make a heart-shaped collage. Better if you can have it printed and put in the same shape frame. It’s always nice to see photos that would remind you of the moments you had together.

No need to worry if you don’t know how to edit. You can hire a person to do it from different sites such as this one

11. Digital Camera

Whether you like it or not, not all things can last for a lifetime. But the memories you shared could! Help them capture every moment you have together through a digital camera. Bring back the happy memories every time you see the photos taken.

Looking for an affordable camera? Here’s a suggestion for you:

12. Collectible Items

For your coworkers who love to spend their free time playing mobile or computer games, probably they have a bias amongst the characters. Why not give them an action figure of that specific character? It can also be their favorite superhero, a cast of a film, or even a bobblehead of them that they can display in their house or office. Believe it or not, it feels great to see your gift being showcased in their space. 

Have a 3D printed bobblehead or action figures here

13. Reversible Sequins Pillow

For those who are miles away from you, give them something to warm up their Valentine’s Day, but make it extraordinary! This seems like a simple gift, isn’t it? But you can personalize the sequins design to form an image, such as making it inspired by a photo of you together. Then have it delivered right to their doorstep.

valentine gift ideas reversible sequins pillow

Get a reversible sequins pillow here

14. Warmies Slippers

Want to know the solution when they’re cold? Warmer slippers it is! Comfortable warmies slippers with lovely designs might keep this year’s heart month warm. Perfect for your coworkers who are working from home. 

Find the best warmies slippers for them here

15. Graphic Sweatshirt

Another way to give warmth this season of hearts, especially to the guys in your circle is through this one of the great Valentine gifts for him graphic sweatshirts. You can have the prints personalized such as a quote to brighten up his day, which he’ll surely appreciate.

Looking for graphic sweatshirts? Check out this store:

16. Wine Glass

Take a toast for reaching this Valentine’s Day together! Show it with some class through Valentine’s wine glasses. If all of you are the type of persons who love having their tippies in style, this would be something they would likely adore. 

Choose from the wide range of drinking glasses here

17. Zodiac Sign Necklace

Obsessed over horoscopes? Whether they believe in what the stars have in store for them or not, this can be one of the lucky Valentine gift ideas for her and even for everyone in your team! Giving them something like this is also a sign that you pretty much know them. 

See some of the best zodiac sign offerings here

Gifts Ideas for Productivity

18. Board Games

Bored at home because of the community quarantine? Avoid going out to keep everyone safe this Valentine’s Day, instead, give your coworkers something that can keep their minds productive in other areas rather than work, like for a fun time. Have them spend some indoor moments together with their loved ones by giving them a board game! Share to them a tip to prepare some special dishes and get the board games ready for war! Tip of which board game to choose: Pick the classic ones.

valentine gift ideas board games

Check out various board games you can play here

19. AirPods

Who doesn’t love listening to music at times? We all do! And that is why a pair of true wireless earbuds would be one of the lovely Valentine gift ideas for him and to your coworkers, especially that according to studies, music, depending on the genre and the person listening to, helps boost productivity

It is more convenient to move around as it is wireless. Plus, you can personalize its case with the design they’ll surely love such as a printed message saying “You are loved.” or an image of their favorite character.

Love this idea? You can have AirPods cases customized here

20. Coworking Space

Since 2021 is still a year of remote work setup, the time to focus and an ideal space to get things done could be the most perfect Valentine gift idea to your coworker who either can’t work properly at home because of all the distractions or who would simply want to work somewhere else and experience something new. A membership to one of the best coworking spaces is definitely something to look forward to. 

Give them flexible access to an awesome workspace and office amenities such as secure storage, conference rooms, meeting pods, fast internet connection, reliable utilities, complimentary refreshments, break out area, and many more. 

valentine gift ideas coworking space

Here are some workspace plans and prices you might want to check out:

Wrapping Up

Aside from the above-mentioned Valentine gift ideas, plotting a virtual party with any exciting activities to spend time together are also remarkable additions to celebrate this year’s season of hearts with your coworkers. Best of luck in bringing out their most genuine smile! 

Did coworking space get your interest and want to avail a plan for your coworkers? ARCH Serviced Offices has all the tools and facilities you need to work your best! Contact us to learn more about our workspace solutions. 

9 Ways a Virtual Office Address Can Make Your Business Grow

If you are a business owner who wants to start a flexible work setup, a virtual office address can give you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. 

More than eliminating the commute time and lower overhead costs, it also increases productivity and decreases the turnover rate as a result of overall satisfied employees. This is greatly beneficial, especially for startup companies. Many of them are operating with a tight budget. A virtual office can help cut down expenses while providing a professional atmosphere. Learn more in this article on how a virtual address can boost your business.

What is a Virtual Office Address?

If you built your business with remote employees without physical office space, a virtual office address would be ideal for you. 

A virtual office provides your business a physical address without the need for a long lease and capital investment. In a nutshell, it is where people and businesses wanting to connect with you can call, send a package or mail, and other office-related services. They have a receptionist and other staff to handle these transactions while you and your team are working remotely. 

Additionally, you can cut the time and effort spent when finding a great meeting place as it has conference rooms for your occasional use. 

How Can a Virtual Office Address Help Your Business Thrive?

There are approximately 653,736 companies in the US that are using virtual office solutions. Now, as the way companies do business continues to evolve, why would you consider getting a virtual office address? Below is a list of ways a virtual address can help your business grow:

1. An Office Address in a Prime Location Adds Legitimacy

No matter how many good reviews you have or how many achievements you got, companies would always prefer working with a business that has a physical address. It adds value to your brand, making it look more professional, law-abiding company, and convenient to work with. 

Another great thing about this is the fact that you get to choose the most ideal location — commonly in the central business district to create a good impression. Many businesses, when they lack capital costs or can’t find an available space in their preferred area, resort to a place where doing business isn’t ideal.

For instance, you’re looking for an internet service provider and you found one with an office in a crowded residential area, would you choose them over the others situated in the CBD? Probably not, right? Because the impression matters a lot. But with a virtual office, you get to have an address in a great location and spend less.

2. It Has a Dedicated Full-Time Virtual Receptionist to Help You

Decision-makers should invest time in the areas of the business that matters most. When you get a virtual office address,  they have a reliable virtual receptionist who will handle the calls, mails, deliveries, and many more for you. They are trained to handle calls from clients and be the best in the field. 

This lessens the day-to-day hassle and allows you to focus on the core of your business that drives growth and sustainability.

3. A Corporate Mailing Address Creates Impression

When you have a professional mailing address, it creates a significant positive impact on your business. Clients and other people know where to contact and transact with you. The on-site staff will receive and organize all the mails and packages delivered for you. 

If you are wondering how you can get them, you have the options. Simply discuss with your provider and agree on your preferred method. An example would be if it is a mail, they can scan and send it to you. 

4. Create a Personalized Voicemail Box to Communicate Clearly

A virtual office allows you to set up your preferred and personalized voicemail message for calls. This helps increase interaction with customers and also allows your business to communicate clearly with clients in times of your unavailability. 

5. Open Opportunities to Build Business Connections

Commonly, when you pay for a virtual address, it comes with access to the meeting rooms as well as the coworking space. An example of this is the service offered by ARCH Serviced Offices. Your monthly plan comes with 1-hour free access to a meeting room as well as 1-day free access to coworking space. Isn’t it great? 

Using this privilege may open more awesome opportunities for you and allows you to connect with other innovative decision-makers, who can also be a potential client.

6. Get Increased Business Authority with Multiple Locations

When you have a virtual address, you and your staff can work anywhere remotely. With this, you can also target more companies to get a partnership with. This is because you can always avail of a virtual office in multiple locations where you think is ideal — where most of your customers are, without breaking the bank. This seamless expansion into new cities can help you win clients as they will think that you are easily available for their business needs. 

7. Lower Your Overhead and Capital Investments

Choosing to have a virtual office address cut down some of the big expenses. Some of which are the office lease and maintenance costs. You get to pin your business to a premium office address without investing much.

In addition to these cost-savings, you can also save some from the secondary expenses such as employee special benefits like a parking pass, gas stipend, office attire, office supplies, and many more. 

It allows you to maximize your expenses on the more important business activities. 

8. Experience Flexibility and Easy to Set Up

Talking about flexibility? A virtual office can give it to you. You can sign up for a short-term plan for a month, depending on what your business needs. You can always extend or upgrade your plan anytime. Plus, a virtual office is easy to set up and easy to shut down as well without spending a lot compared to an actual office.

9. Provides Support to Increase Scalability

Having a virtual office is almost equivalent to getting admin staff to help and support you with your business in terms of some of the non-core tasks. Through them, you get to focus on what’s important for your business, no matter the size of your business. 

With proper strategies, determination, hard work, smart decision-making, you can scale up your business to any size even only having a virtual address without a physical office space. 

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the reasons why a virtual office address would be beneficial to businesses running virtually. Now, as a smart decision-maker, it’s your time to consider whether or not getting a virtual address could make your venture thrive. 

Just a thing to note: A virtual office can help you manage your business in simple ways — making some processes such as taking care of packages, mails, and calls easier for you. Adding up to it is it helps create a legitimate impression for your brand until such time that you fully embrace stability.

Exploring for a virtual office in the central business district? ARCH Serviced Offices can provide it for you. We have strategically-located office spaces in Makati CBD with meeting rooms and a dedicated receptionist you can count on. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.