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20 Best Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers this 2021

valentine gift ideas for coworkers

Preparing for Valentine’s Day can be stressful, especially if you have no idea what to give to the special people in your life such as your coworkers who are always there to help you with your tasks. When it comes to them, don’t just settle for anything less. If you are still torn on what to offer, we have narrowed down for you the list of creative, lovely, and unique Valentine gift ideas.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You might be asking yourself right now what the most ideal and smart Valentine gift ideas are for this year. The following items under various categories might help you decide and land on the best present for your coworkers:

Gift Ideas for Motivation

1. Inspirational Books

Celebrating Valentine’s Day this year will be different because of the pandemic. Outdoor activities are limited and many actions are restricted. Although it’s almost been a year since the community quarantine started, some are still emotional about the impacts of the pandemic. Because of this, inspiring your coworkers through simple things like an inspirational book they could read would greatly help. Bookworms, without a doubt, will surely appreciate it!

Check out interesting books here  https://bit.ly/37DUnz8.

2. Wall Art

When you want to go with this, you have two options: first is to buy from a gallery the type of art you think the receiver will love. The second is to create your own art that can make your coworkers be motivated whenever they see it. Frankly, the second choice is better. However, if you have doubts about your artistic side, you can go with the first. But remember that to the people who have a genuine heart, even simple things can be extraordinary as long as it’s from you. 

Here’s a store suggestion if you have decided to buy a wall art: https://bit.ly/2TO92nf.

3. Flower Delivery Subscription

It’s not every day that your coworkers receive flowers. This is your chance to make them feel loved and remembered. Get them a few months of subscription to a flower delivery service. Anyone who would receive flowers, no matter what their gender is, age, and other things to consider, would love to have it.

If you are looking for a flower delivery store to subscribe to, check this out: https://bit.ly/3rud6GP.

4. Graze Board 

Bring your creativity all out for this. Yes, every day feels like a special day, but Valentine’s Day is an exceptional day to everyone — a time to make the people around you feel remembered and extra special. Prepare a special grazing board for your coworkers for a job well done to motivate them to keep on giving their best on work. But instead of a board, put it in a box or an enclosed food tray. Just a tip, load the board with all of the favorite food of your coworkers, partner it with wine or spirits, and have it delivered right to their doorstep.

valentine gift ideas graze board

Learn how to make a grazing board here https://bit.ly/37kpoIj.

5. Gift Certificate

Being away from your colleagues this hearts day doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot give them gifts. Many platforms have arisen to help you reach them. And did you know that nowadays, even gift certificates can be purchased and given as gifts virtually? Yes, you read it right. Keep their motivations high by rewarding them this VDay with a GC from one of their favorite stores.

If you want to learn more about how it works, visit this link http://bit.ly/3jqhML3.

6. Monthly App Subscription

The only challenge here is choosing which app to give them a subscription to. But working together for quite some time surely gave you an idea that could lead you to the best choice. For a movie lover, the app named Netflix would be perfect while for music lovers, Spotify would be ideal. But if you think none of the two sounds great, you can search online for other applications available. 

This link can help you explore more applications to choose from https://bit.ly/3aWiU4z.

Gift Ideas for Eco-Friendly Coworkers

7. Zero Waste Shampoo and Conditioner

With all the negativities in the world these past few months, Don’t you think it’s time we do something different? Many people would again exchange gifts this VDay, leaving a lot of wastes. As much as possible, avoid having lots of waste as we celebrate the season of hearts this 2021. These zero waste shampoo and conditioner would help you shift into being quite eco-friendly!

Valentine gift ideas zero waste shampoo and conditioner

Want to go zero waste in your Valentine gifts this 2021? Try these unique products here https://etsy.me/2tc8uN5.

8. Heart Plant

The pandemic made many of us plant lovers just to get off the boredom of staying indoors, but mostly to do something positive for the environment. So giving your workmates a heart plant this hearts day can make them feel valued. Plus, its shape says it all.

If you have decided to have this as your gift to them, here’s a quick suggestion of where you can buy some: http://bit.ly/3oWswSH.

9. Wooden Picture Frame

Happy memories just never get old. And since nowadays, we take pictures of some of the special things we do, give your coworkers a special frame for the photos you have. Wooden ones aren’t necessary, but they just give this retrospective feeling.

Here are some wooden picture frames you might love: http://bit.ly/2MKWOut.

Decorative Gift Ideas

10. Photo Heart Collage

Trying to find something creative? This might be the one you’re looking for. Compile all your fun photos together and edit them to make a heart-shaped collage. Better if you can have it printed and put in the same shape frame. It’s always nice to see photos that would remind you of the moments you had together.

No need to worry if you don’t know how to edit. You can hire a person to do it from different sites such as this one http://bit.ly/39W44fV.

11. Digital Camera

Whether you like it or not, not all things can last for a lifetime. But the memories you shared could! Help them capture every moment you have together through a digital camera. Bring back the happy memories every time you see the photos taken.

Looking for an affordable camera? Here’s a suggestion for you: https://bit.ly/2U72pg9.

12. Collectible Items

For your coworkers who love to spend their free time playing mobile or computer games, probably they have a bias amongst the characters. Why not give them an action figure of that specific character? It can also be their favorite superhero, a cast of a film, or even a bobblehead of them that they can display in their house or office. Believe it or not, it feels great to see your gift being showcased in their space. 

Have a 3D printed bobblehead or action figures here http://bit.ly/39VzmDG.

13. Reversible Sequins Pillow

For those who are miles away from you, give them something to warm up their Valentine’s Day, but make it extraordinary! This seems like a simple gift, isn’t it? But you can personalize the sequins design to form an image, such as making it inspired by a photo of you together. Then have it delivered right to their doorstep.

valentine gift ideas reversible sequins pillow

Get a reversible sequins pillow here https://bit.ly/2vBZjqe.

14. Warmies Slippers

Want to know the solution when they’re cold? Warmer slippers it is! Comfortable warmies slippers with lovely designs might keep this year’s heart month warm. Perfect for your coworkers who are working from home. 

Find the best warmies slippers for them here https://bit.ly/36GpQPS.

15. Graphic Sweatshirt

Another way to give warmth this season of hearts, especially to the guys in your circle is through this one of the great Valentine gifts for him graphic sweatshirts. You can have the prints personalized such as a quote to brighten up his day, which he’ll surely appreciate.

Looking for graphic sweatshirts? Check out this store: http://bit.ly/3p0ilMO.

16. Wine Glass

Take a toast for reaching this Valentine’s Day together! Show it with some class through Valentine’s wine glasses. If all of you are the type of persons who love having their tippies in style, this would be something they would likely adore. 

Choose from the wide range of drinking glasses here http://bit.ly/2MXGFSh.

17. Zodiac Sign Necklace

Obsessed over horoscopes? Whether they believe in what the stars have in store for them or not, this can be one of the lucky Valentine gift ideas for her and even for everyone in your team! Giving them something like this is also a sign that you pretty much know them. 

See some of the best zodiac sign offerings here http://bit.ly/3pYNuS7.

Gifts Ideas for Productivity

18. Board Games

Bored at home because of the community quarantine? Avoid going out to keep everyone safe this Valentine’s Day, instead, give your coworkers something that can keep their minds productive in other areas rather than work, like for a fun time. Have them spend some indoor moments together with their loved ones by giving them a board game! Share to them a tip to prepare some special dishes and get the board games ready for war! Tip of which board game to choose: Pick the classic ones.

valentine gift ideas board games

Check out various board games you can play here https://bit.ly/2RkfzEx.

19. AirPods

Who doesn’t love listening to music at times? We all do! And that is why a pair of true wireless earbuds would be one of the lovely Valentine gift ideas for him and to your coworkers, especially that according to studies, music, depending on the genre and the person listening to, helps boost productivity

It is more convenient to move around as it is wireless. Plus, you can personalize its case with the design they’ll surely love such as a printed message saying “You are loved.” or an image of their favorite character.

Love this idea? You can have AirPods cases customized here https://bit.ly/2sUKxKg.

20. Coworking Space

Since 2021 is still a year of remote work setup, the time to focus and an ideal space to get things done could be the most perfect Valentine gift idea to your coworker who either can’t work properly at home because of all the distractions or who would simply want to work somewhere else and experience something new. A membership to one of the best coworking spaces is definitely something to look forward to. 

Give them flexible access to an awesome workspace and office amenities such as secure storage, conference rooms, meeting pods, fast internet connection, reliable utilities, complimentary refreshments, break out area, and many more. 

valentine gift ideas coworking space

Here are some workspace plans and prices you might want to check out: https://bit.ly/3cPcTdu.

Wrapping Up

Aside from the above-mentioned Valentine gift ideas, plotting a virtual party with any exciting activities to spend time together are also remarkable additions to celebrate this year’s season of hearts with your coworkers. Best of luck in bringing out their most genuine smile! 

Did coworking space get your interest and want to avail a plan for your coworkers? ARCH Serviced Offices has all the tools and facilities you need to work your best! Contact us to learn more about our workspace solutions. 

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