10 Gift Ideas Under 500 Pesos for Your Officemates this 2017

10 Gift Ideas Under 500 Pesos for Your Officemates this 2017

Looking for the best yet affordable gift for your colleagues this Christmas? We’ve got 10 gift ideas we’re sure they’d love to receive.

Have you noticed the cool breeze at night, the sparkling lights left and right, and the smiles in everyone’s faces that bring delight? These signs say it all, it’s Christmas time once again for one and all!

As you know, Christmas is a time of spreading cheer, love and of course, gifts. The problem is, if you’re one of those who work eight hours or more in the office, you find yourself running out of time and ideas on what to give your colleagues or boss. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of the best gift ideas that are not only affordable but easy to find as well.

Here are 10 gift ideas under 500 pesos for your officemates this 2017:



1. For the Bookworm

“Readers gonna read” is what you’ll usually hear from a book lover. While ebooks are fast becoming a popular reading standard, nothing beats the smell of fresh paper and the feel of the crisp pages turning in a book lover’s hand.

Gift Ideas:

Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan – P349.00

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover – P479.00

There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins -P428.00

2. For the K-Pop Fanatic

From music, food to fashion, the life of a K-Pop fanatic is encompassed by Korean pop culture. This officemate can speak and understand Korean, knows all the Korean boy bands and girl groups, and wears the same kind of clothes as them.

Gift Ideas:

Kpop Star BTS Character Acrylic Key Chains from Lazada – P261.00

BTS Kpop Pillow – P429.00

Hip Baseball Cap – P269.00

3. For the Comic Book / Superhero Fan

Excelsior! Be it the latest comic book release, or a new superhero movie in the works, you can bet that this officemate of yours knows every detail about it (and is probably super hyped about it too).

Gift Ideas:

Batman Who Laughs Comic Book – P215.00

Thor Mjolnir 3D Metal Model Kit – P500.00

DC and Marvel Coffee Mugs – P250.00 – P500.00

4. For the Gym Rat

Obsessed with muscle gains and eating only healthy foods, this officemate is easy to spot in the office. Also, a gym rat is the best person to talk to when looking for motivational advise since they’re goal-oriented and disciplined.

Gift Ideas:

Workout/Weightlifting Gloves – P331.00

Nike Water Bottle – P447.50

Nike Wrist Bands – P299.00

5. For the Basketball Aficionado

If you hear someone in your office shout “Bang!” or “Yeah!” out of nowhere, don’t be alarmed because it’s just your basketball aficionado officemate celebrating that his team scored on a play or won the game.

Gift Ideas:

Adidas Basketball Socks – P215.00

Basketball – P435.00

PBA T-Shirt – P299.00

6. For the Fashionista

Wearing the trendiest clothes and oozing with (too much) confidence, a fashionista likes to strut in the office to get all the attention.

Gift Ideas:

Knit Top by Kamiseta – P498.00

Black Blouse with Pocket by Penshoppe – P499.00

Stylish Sunglasses by Bench – P299.00

7. For the Techie

This officemate often wears functional tees and jeans, has an Apple Mac, and has a vast knowledge of either Star Strek or Star Wars.

Gift Ideas:

Star Wars Shirt – P380.00

Apple 11″ Protective Full Body Hard Plastic Case – P499.00

Apple MacBook Adapter Cable – P397.00

8. For the Movie Buff

From epic movie franchises such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to all-time classics like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, a movie buff officemate lives for everything cinematic or the chance to escape the real world (even if it’s just for a couple of hours).

Gift Ideas:

Suicide Squad Keychain – P310.00

Harry Potter Pillow – P445.00

Movies on DVD from Astro Plus – P100.00 – P500.00

9. For the Princess

You get annoyed at the sight of her because she’s the one who feels all high and mighty around the office. She thinks she deserves everything although all she does in the office is powder her nose.

Gift Ideas:

Pocket Makeup Mirror with LED Light – P350.00

Adidas Natural Vitality Eau De Toilette Perfume for Women 75ml – P479.00

Ecru Heels by CLN – P499.00

10. For the Boss

He’s the man (or woman) who matters most in the office. The boss is a part authority figure, part dispenser of advice and part sympathetic ear.

Gift Ideas:

Necktie – P449.75

Perfume – P350.00

Leather Strap Watch – P489.99

Giving a gift to your officemate or boss is not a requirement in the office. It’s just a way to show your appreciation and build a good relationship. If you do give a gift to someone, don’t expect that you’ll receive one in return. Just be satisfied that hopefully, you’ve made your officemate’s Christmas merrier through your gift. Happy Holidays!

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