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Hot Desk vs. Private Desk

How to Choose Between Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk

Serviced offices are fully furnished spaces managed by a separate company or office provider. They offer workspaces that cater to small- to medium-sized businesses, even to startups and freelancers who are still finding their place in their respective industries. Compared to a traditional office set-up, a serviced office can open up new opportunities for individuals […]

8 Helpful Ways to Improve your Workplace Energy

You’ve been having a fierce staring game with your laptop for about 30 minutes now and neither seems to want to back down. All you hear in the background is the clickety-clack of your colleague’s keyboard and the never-ending ticking of the clock that says two in the afternoon. Your low energy makes you want […]

Neighborhood Coffee Shops

5 Neighborhood Coffee Shops in Salcedo Village We Love

Get your sip fix at local spots in Salcedo Village such as Toby’s Estate, Yardstick, and Narrative Coffee. The coffee lifestyle around the world has been immensely shifting from simply having a cup of coffee to finding comfort within the corners of cafes. Aside from being a go-to place for quick caffeine fixes, cafes have […]