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Future of Workspaces in 2021

What Will the Future of Workspaces Look Like in 2021?

We have experienced a big change in the work setup since the pandemic started, but this year, these changes will become more solidified. We are seeing a big transformation in the workplace this 2021. The future office space will shift away from a place where people simply go to work daily into a place where […]

holiday virtual gift ideas

Holiday Virtual Gift Ideas for Your Remote Work Colleagues

Looking for easily-available presents for this year’s holiday season can be a challenge because of the global crisis, but even this pandemic will not stop us from spreading the love! As they say, if there is a will, there is a way. And it is a fact, especially nowadays when most of the things you […]

ARCH_Social Distancing in the Workplace_Blog Banner

Social Distancing at the Workplace: Effective Social Distancing Measures to Keep Your Office COVID-19 Free

With the quarantine measures relaxed and thousands of people going back to the office, social distancing at work will likely be the first subject of the conversation. After months of working from home, we can be a little apprehensive with the idea of returning to the office. How exactly do we “social distance” in the […]

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