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With offices nestled in the Makati Central Business District, Arch Serviced Offices is a premier serviced office collective established in 2015.

Thoughtful office design matters to workers — there’s no way around it. We’ve intentionally designed our workspaces to support individual and team needs and for you to be able to create your best work. Our modern serviced office amenities, concierge support and flexible plans is designed to foster a culture of professionalism and purpose.

over “Perks”

The workplace has changed radically in the last few years, but it may have gone too far now. People come to work to get the job done. It sounds simple, straightforward perhaps, but it’s true. It seems ironic, but the modern office is probably the last place any real work gets done. Instead, most workplaces have devolved into dens of distraction and disruption (karaoke nights, wine-tasting, quiz nights, grazing tables, free flowing beer, etc.).

Despite this refreshing new office look and not to be a buzz-kill, research shows that the vast majority of our time at work is based on the need to ‘focus’ for productivity and to ‘collaborate’.

Focus +

Collaboration is obviously important in the modern office space, creating a fusion of ideas and socialisation is key. But for the majority of everyday business tasks, workers need space for focus, calm and solitude. Which is why we designed our spaces to support both focus and collaboration.

Perfectly planned zones ensure all types of work in various conditions are supported– from team meetings, to places for work in focus, to open work areas. On a micro-level, we also have removable dividers as a way to adjust privacy at an individual workstation.


When we think of workplace amenities, only the novel ideas tend to stand out: the ping-pong tables; the nap pods or the pinball machines. While there is nothing wrong with these  kinds of office perks, we want to tune in to what really matters: impacting people and processes through physical space, top-notch amenities, and high-grade facilities that support you to create your best work. 

We believe that the best workplace amenities, resources, tools, policies, etc. are those that provide support to workers to do their work most effectively. There’s nothing wrong with cool office perks but as far as priority goes, for us, it is important to think FUNctionally first.

Creating Safe Spaces and
Navigating The New Normal

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Making Our Office Safer For Everyone During COVID-19

At ARCH Serviced Offices, the health and safety of our members and employees is our number one priority. As we tread the COVID-19 situation, we are taking the necessary steps to protect the wellbeing of our community.

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